Adorable, Rascal Flatts, Acme Farm and 123123

 Hi mom's friends!

I was sleeping on the couch
the other day and mom 
saw me, she thought
I looked adorable!

Well, I guess I do look


My daughter Amber sent this
pic to me. She does not live
far from Fairview and she
is on their FB page.
Some posted this on
that page.

 This is Gary LeVox,
 lead singer of Rascal Flatts.
Image working
the drive through window
and a star like this
comes in.

Sharing another part of
This is the Acme Farm Supply
building. Acme went out of
business years ago, then 
the bldg. sat vacant for 
several yrs. Then a 
restaurant went in. 

Here is the back side
of the Acme Farm Supply store. 

I know this year 
has just gotten started
but I have to share this.

The Last Day of THIS Year is:

And you do know that 
123123 will
be here before we
know it. 




Darla M Sands said…
Historic buildings are so cool! Best wishes, my dear.
Marie Smith said…
The rhythm of those numbers could be a dance step too. Let’s hope it’s that kind of a year!
Ann said…
The fur babies do look pretty cute when they're sleeping :)
If it were me, that guy could have gone right through the drive thru window and I never would have recognized
Liz A. said…
Interesting old building.
Brian said…
You are adorable sweet Misty! That would be fun to have that singer dude at the drive through window. I always liked that group.
Christine said…
Fun to see a celebrity like that

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