I love sitting outside on the deck
watching the birds early in the morning
with a cup of coffee.

What is more important is to have
my camera with me when I am
out there, or anywhere!

This was taken on my front porch.
This one loved the gourd birdhouse.

LOL...this pretty little bird is my
brothers. Is name is TJ, but he is a one
man bird, he loves my brother but
can't stand me!

Caught this pic out the window of my
brothers house. I love hummingbirds.

Blue Herron is did not want me getting
any closer so he took off.

And here he is once a landed again.

Another hummingbird pic.

Took this shot of the two birds yesterday while sitting
on the deck with my coffee. Aren't they pretty?

I think this little guy is a red bird also but they
must not get their color till later.
He landed in the crete myrtle bush
fight in from of my deck and me...and my

Ocean view! San Diego beach taken last
May when I visited my son for his
wedding. Love the ocean.

This one was taken in Balboa Park in
San Diego.

And here we have another ocean view catching these guys in flight.

This is another bird from
the beach in San Diego.

Taken at the lake down the street from
my house....

Look closely, he is on the house. This
was taken in my mom's backyard.
My youngest brother built the
house years ago for the birds.

Wild turkey, taken in
my oldest brothers yard.

One day while leaving my neighborhood
I looked up on the power line and there sat
this guy. I only had my point and shoot
camera and I had to drive right under him
to get this shot.
Glad he just sat there for me.

From my deck looking into the yard.

Out riding around one day with my
camera when I saw this shot...could
not pass it up.

Walking down my street with the camera I
look at the neighbors flag pole and
this little guy was just posing for me.

More wild turkey on the way to my
brothers house.

Also got this shot while out
riding around with my camera.

Birdfeeder I made but the squirrels knocked
it from the tree so it was sitting on the
rail of the deck. Shot is not
that great since I was shooting
through the window on the door and
the screen door....

Lake down the street. I was out there with the
grandbabies and they were feeding them

This is the same little guy that I thought
might be a red bird....and if these were
loaded in order you would see why I think
that.....but in a few more pics, it will
be explained.

Under my mailbox.
Dinner hanging from his mouth.

Now...this is why I think that bird is a red bird.
Got this shot yesterday through the same
window of the door and screen.
Baby is being fed....cute.

Yesterday I wanted to get out so bad that I
grabbed the camera and took off riding...
Found a house that had several of these
guys in the PRETTY.

At the lake.

In my yard....again from the deck.

At the lake.

Thank you for stopping in to visit,


gail wilson said…
whoa! Pam-that's a lot of birds. I too love watching the birds, but never pick up the camera. You have some great shots there. Love the owl!!! He was staring you down!
Bindu said…
My my...Beautiful pictures. I think, you should try selling them as stock photos.

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