Big Man Syndrome

thinks he is the
on the block....

Only this little kitty shows
him different.

Cat sitting at the end of the drive so
Dakota thinks he will walk up
and scare it off....the way that
works is~ he will not chase
until it moves to go away...then
he acts big and acts like he
chased it off....

But the cat just sits and watches him.

So he moves in closer...

And finally just gives up cause he
knows the cat is making a fool of

After...and I mean only after
Dakota walked away did the
cat decide to leave...

So then the KING decides
to make like he is the
big one chasing him off...

But don't be fooled, the cat was in no
hurry when he left.
If you look closely you can see
the bottom half of him under
the green trees.

And the KING is still acting like he
did something!

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