My grandson's have the most beautiful
eyes. Someone once asked me
what I first notice about someone
and my reply was the eyes.

This is Caleb's eye.
Big and blue..
and bigger the way he is posing in
this pic! lol

This is my middle grandson, DJ.
It surprised me when I looked
into his eyes and saw a
dotted line near the end
of the blue color, going
all the way around.

And this is Braden. He has eyes
like DJ's. I have never seen
eyes like that before.


Eyes are interesting, they can tell a lot also.
Mine, they will tell you when I am tired,
sick or angry.
Study your eyes in the mirror and see
how fantastic they can be.

Now mine are different than my kids or
grandkids eyes. Mine are hazel with
a gold circle that goes around the
They will also get really GREEN
when I wear green.

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