Easy Projects

I think I saw this on PINTEREST
and I thought...wow, that
will work for me.

I took a plate rack, one that
I actually had in the shed to sale and
hung it on the wall, placing
photo albums where the plates
should go.

This table has been around. When my younger
brother moved into his house 6 years ago this
was left in the shed.
Since my daughter just moved out
my brother offered it to her.
Now I have it...
My daughter lives in a small house
and where the table goes is a tight area.
That being said I gave her my good table and
chairs to her since the sides dropped down.
And I took this thing and the white chairs....
BUT...I have a farmers table in the kitchen
now that I am redoing so I have plans for
this thing.....check back at a later
date to see what I have done.

A few years ago a friend of mine, Theresa,
brought this leash holder back from a trip to Georgia.
I had not had my dog very long and
she had a lapse in memory....thinking
I had a female dog....

and the KING is a MALE.
So yesterday with a can of black
spray paint I painted the leash holder.
LOL....then when I was done I
remembered that the KING is
white with black spots....
and not black with white spots like I
had in mind to do this....so
I guess I will play with it again.

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