Back in December I found PINTEREST.
I love that site.
And I have so much pinned to my
boards that I want to make that
would keep me busy for years to

It's so cool cause things
that people make are usually
recycling other items...

Like old doors.
I love this. Although I think
I would add a place to sit at
the bottom.

Or how about this use of a door....corner shelves....nice. And I
love the distress look.

Need things can be found using shutters also...I love this for
a bathroom.

 Then if you are into gates or have a place
that you need a gate, check this out..

An old headboard.

Or if you are good at welding....check this one out. Very neat.

But this is one I really love....Now is that not cool?

They have ideas for lighting. Mason or
Ball jars. I really want to try this for
over my sink.

Or check this one out...Different.

There are ideas for the garden, in side your home,
or things you can use to make a home
for the critters in your yard.
Love this idea for a bird house.

Or a great way to feed those birds....or in my case squirrels.

I like this next idea so much and I have the
items on hand to make it...
so I know have one of these
for my dishwashing liquid.

And the ideas for you garden are
fantastic....I love this so much....

So if you a member
of facebook, you need to sign up for
PINTEREST if you have not already and
start pinning items you like or you
want to copy to your board. You will
be amazed at what you will find.

Thanks for stopping in,


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