In March there was this thing going around on the internet and on facebook about brooms standing on their own. Something about the axis of the earth being off and if you stood your broom up it would stand that all alone.

Well, just for the fun of it I had to it…just to see if my broom would stand, and it did. I took a pic of it standing but then I decided that I needed to move it to the end of the kitchen that don't get used much, that would be in front of the stove, just kidding. I put it over by the table and I left it. I just wanted to see how long it would stand. Two weeks went by and it was still standing. But then came one of those, I feel great times and I was in a cleaning mood. Several times while cleaning around in the kitchen I knocked it down by mistake so I finally decided it needed to come down.

Around this same time I had added an app to my iphone, called Ghost Exposures. One day while just sitting around on break at work I decided to have some fun, I added a ghost to the pic I had taken of my broom standing. It was the form of a little girl. You know, just messing around but then I decided that I had to do something with that……who could I send it too?

To enhance this story, please do not think I am any stranger then I am when I say this, but when I moved to my house almost 20 years ago, I knew I was not alone. There was a presents at the house. Strange things would happen, strange noises, walking upstairs and then that all familiar sight of a white vision moving around. PERFECT, I thought. My Mom knows the story of the present in my house. So I sent her the pic of my ghostly broom and all I put in the email was, "Look it's been a month and my broom is still standing"!......Leaving it at that.

During the work day my prank was forgotten until I got to my Mom's house to pick up my dog. I went upstairs and there sat my Mom at the computer, she said, " I have something to show you". When I went in the room, standing behind her, I saw the pic up on the computer screen. All I could do not to laugh. She asked me who the little girl was in the picture which at that time I asked, "what little girl"? She pointed to the iphone ghost and my mouth dropped open, I looked totally surprised and I wanted to know how she did that. She said it came that way to her and I told her I did not even see that when I sent the pic. I went on and on about it, even saying things like " I told you my house was haunted"…….and her reply, "well there is your proof".

As she continued to stare at the pic I pulled out my phone and moved it to the app, I then showed her the name of the app, it took a second or two before she realized then that I had done it. My Mom is like me, we do believe in presents from the past, so that worked to my advantage.

The story did not stop there, I sent it to my daughter who did not in any way fall for it. But when she sent it on to her boyfriend's Mom, she put in the email that my broom was still standing after a month, but not to worry, I actually had a second broom that I was using to sweep with. She had her believing it also because she had told her a long time ago about the presents in our house when we moved there and the things that she saw. This was March, I remembered last night to ask her if she ever told his Mother the truth and she said she had.

One day a week or so after pulling the prank on my Mom, my brother called me and while getting in the car and trying to hold a flat iphone between my chin and shoulder I hung up on him. When calling him back I stated you would think I would learn I can't do that. He then asked if I ever put any apps on the phone since he gave it to me. I then started to laugh and tell him about the prank I pulled on our Mom. He thought that was so funny so when I hung up from talking to him, he called her to ask her about the ghost that lives in my house.

LOL…I have not done it to anyone since and after telling this story on my blog I might not get to do it to anyone again! LOL…

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Bindu said…
That is a nice one. I can imagine your mom... She must be freaked out at first.
You are so hilarious Pam.

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