Odds and Ends and This and That

This post is just about this and that...
and things!
Stopped for lunch at Subway the other
day and thought I would try
these...not to bad but I think I
rather have a real mater with basil
on it!
Some of what is blooming outside
the building I work.

This is an Oak Leaf Hydrangea.

Taken in the field...love the colors
together. So pretty.

Flowers for me from .......???
LOL, the new guy in my life.

No clue!
Just saw this last week going down the
main road to my house.



I just like these kind of shots.

And this shot.

Found this guy on my front door.
Not sure I ever saw a white one.

Oops....thinking I just need to stay out
of the kitchen altogether.
A couple days before this I cut my
finger on a knife in the dishwater
and here I tried to pick up glass
from a drinking glass I broke.

Isn't he a big boy!??
Showing off for the ladies.
(sorry pic is bad)

Oh and yes, my new guy.

Thanks for stopping in,


awwww a new guy! that's awesome!!!

Love the pics you share. :)

ouch! you better take it easy in the kitchen!

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