Thank You Wave

I am usually a friendly driver. I admit
I ride bumpers a bit but as far as being
considerate I think I do really well.

When someone lets me merge over, or
out into traffice I always acknowledge
that with a wave. It's polite.

I still move to the side of the road when
a funeral procession is coming past.
I use my blinkers if there are people
close around, but not always if there
are no cars near me.

But I have to admit, I get a bit ticked
when I let someone merge out in traffic
in front of me and they do not so the
"Thank You Wave"...I feel like that is
just polite. What has happened to the
younger generation? Most times I don't
get the "Thank You Wave", is from someone

But I am not so sure that the younger
group needs to be labeled with the "not move
to the side of the road behavior". I feel
that is a form of respect for the person
who has passed on and their family.
I have noticed that even the older people
that you would think wittnessed this while
they were growing up, are the ones not doing

Respect, being polite....where has it all gone.
Not only that what happened to opening the
door for someone else? Helping with the
cleaning up when you go to someone else's
house for dinner? Being polite is not that hard.

I think we all need to work on those sort of
things. I am 49 years old and I still go out
of my way to pick something up that someone
drops, to open a door, give a wave, say good
morning....maybe the word would be a better
place if we all started doing these things again!

Thanks for stopping in,
go to someones house


Pam D said…
Pam, have you spent much time watching kids shows on TV lately? They are unspeakably rude, and we, as adults, give consent to our kids to BE rude when we let them watch them. Not to mention the adult shows, but it starts with the kids. We sit 'em down in front of the tube and let IT do the educating on manners; it's no wonder that things have turned out the way they have. I'm just sayin'.... (and if you should EVER be in a situation where you have to let me into traffic, I can PROMISE you that you'll get a wave from me!)

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