Could That Be the Reason I Am Not Married Anymore

Part II - Feb. 10, 2009

I guess I was the joke playing person in my marriage. My ex was a very laid back person and it was so easy at times to get him.

We had been married maybe a couple of years and I was over having to pick up the dirty clothes that he left lying around. He would come in the door and start taking off items and where they fell is where they stayed. I guess I nagged enough (not me) about this so he picked a corner in our bedroom to toss his clothes. That was okay for a while, at least they were not in the floor all over the house.

After a while, that began to get to me. He would toss the dirty clothes there, then if he went to the store and put on a clean shirt, it got tossed there when he returned (he went shirtless a lot). At first I would go in there and remove the clean and fold it or hang it back up but then I got so tired of doing this too.

One day while we were getting ready to go somewhere my ex came to me and asked if I knew where a certain shirt was. Of course I asked did he check the closet and when he replied he had and it was not there I stated that I had done laundry that day…..must be in the corner of the bedroom. Of course he looks taken back and asked me “did you not wash that stuff”? My reply to that question was, it was not in the bathroom in the dirty clothes hamper…it did not get washed!

He was easy to train after that. He started putting the dirty clothes where they went and even started to help with the laundry.

A few more years into the marriage:
For Christmas my Mom got us a set of matching dishes, that was novel to me, my dishes had never matched. They were “breakable” too. I loved the pattern and I made the statement that I would ring the neck of the person that broke the first piece of my new dishes.

Some months later I went to the garage to find a screwdriver on the work bench. While looking around for it I lifted some newspaper that was just lying there, and yes, under the paper was a broken dish! I could not help but laugh thinking he took me so serious. This dinner size plate was broken in three perfect pieces. My brain went into high gear…..what to do about this???

That evening after my daughter and I had dinner, my ex came in from work. I let him get settled and then I asked if he was ready for his dinner. Normally, I fixed him a plate to warm when he got in. He came to the kitchen and sat down, I told him I would get it warmed for him. I can still see his face when one by one, I pulled out each piece of that broken plate. One piece had a pork chop on it, one mac and cheese and the other peas. His remark to what he was seeing was “Oh, you found it”…my question is what was he going to do with it…glue it back and hope I did not notice?

Could that be the reason I am not married anymore??? LOL

Thank you for stopping in...hope you got a laugh.


Pam D said…
GIRL!! You are too stinkin' funny.. that is hilarious! Especially the plate... oh, that was priceless. I would have loved to see his face. Today, Adam asked me to buy a whoopee cushion so he could put it under the cushion on his dad's chair at the table. Oh, he got such a kick out of Daddy's confused face when the sound came out... gotta start 'em out young! Happy April Fools Day!
Shanda said…
When I read the part about the plate I was wondering how it might end! So did he eat it that way???

Thank you for your comment on my blog the other day!

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