Where Are Your Manners?

When it comes to the kids of today and
their manners, I would say that I was
brought up in a different time. But
when you experience someone older
that shows lack of manners, I have to
wonder what is up with that?

I guess some people were not made to

be waiting or dealing with the public.
I stopped for lunch today after attending
the funeral today. And the woman that
waited on me was not friendly at all.
Now I can understand someone having
a bad day, we all do but when you work
with the public and it is your job to serve
those customers in a friendly manner,
you just have to put that bad day behind
you and do your job, if you can’t, you
need stay at home that day.

I have worked off and on with the public

since I was 16 years old. I understand the
meaning of being polite, helpful and
friendly. Today though you go in so
many places and they don’t even say
hello as you step up to the counter, they
mumble your total amount for payment
and don’t even say thank you. What is
wrong with people today?
I can also see someone being shy but

being shy doesn’t equal out to bad
manners either. You don’t have to
carry on a full length conversation,
just be polite and wear a smile.

On the flip side of this, I know there

are rude customers out there. I don’t
agree with the saying “the customer
is always right”, but when you work
with the public, you have to make
them think you agree with them or
without being rude, point out what
is really correct. Bite your tongue
and keep that smile on your face.

With that said, let me also say that

being polite when out in the public
becomes very hard at times also. Like
when you open a door for someone
and they don’t say thank you! I usually
nicely say, “you are welcome”. I try my
best to be polite even to someone rude,
even if it’s just so I can prove a point.
Maybe next time this person will stop
and think about their behavior.

So be nice, smile and show your manners,


Pam D said…
Girl, you don't EVEN have to preach to my choir. But, I do have to confess that after I'd worked for FedEx for a long time, I got to where I was grumpy with customers when I KNEW they were trying to pull one over. I was too preachy and just probably needed to get out of there, so it's fortunate that I ended up having Adam when I did. Looking back, I wasn't always "employee of the month" when it came to customer service. Oooh, I just need to push those memories back down into the basement of my mind. Now. !!!
Unknown said…

Thanks for your encouraging words on my site about my throat scope tomorrow. (Or whatever that thing is called.) I've had it done before and hated it every single time. But I'll survive! :-)

I agree with you about people being rude sometimes in public. That's why it's so nice to run across someone who's polite; they always make my day!


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