Wine, Dinner and a Play

In May I have been invited by a friend
to attend a wine tasting, dinner, play
party. Apparently she has purchased
a play where all of her guest invited
will have a part and play a certain
character. It is a murder mystery.
The wine tasting and the dinner will
link into the play.

I had been asked back in December
if I would like to come and be a part
of this….of course I said YES. I have
never done this before but I am the
type that would just jump right in
and have a great time with it.

To make this more interesting is that
all the names for the characters will
be named after drinks….the host idea.
I am not sure what names will be
going around, but I am going to be
Bud Wiszer! I will be an FBI agent
that investigates the murder. This
is somewhat fitting since I work for
the TBI in Tennessee. I am not an
agent but….it just seems to fit!

I will be stopping in at Goodwill and
locating a suit jacket to wear. I have
a plastic badge that I will be redoing
to read “FBI”. I think I will see if I
can locate cigars to carry in my pocket
and I will also throw something on the
jacket to make it looked stained. I wear
my hair short but at this time I think I
will slick it back and really get into the
part! I will need to get a toy gun to carry.

This sounds so much fun and after May
16th I will be posting again on this
event with pictures I am sure….Yes,
I would never attend this without
my camera!

Have a great weekend and thanks for stopping in,


Pam D said…
We have toy guns and badges here; let me know if you need them! I'll get them to you somehow. Of course, with my mom's obesssion for policemen, there's no telling what SHE could get you! I cannot WAIT to see the pictures....

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