Administrative Professional Day

Administrative Professional Day

I got called to the bosses office first thing this morning, as
I was going in there sat three of the agents that I do work for
and my supervisor. I got a bit nervous then, not really sure
what that bunch would pull. But as it was, they presented me
with the most beautiful silk arrangement with paint brushes,
tubes of paint and pallet knifes stuck down in it. All this in
a beautiful white pedestal vase with two birds on the side.
Seven agents and my supervisor went in to do this for me
and Angel arranged it. They could not have done anything
any better for me, it is so very thoughtful.

At lunch my supervisor and his boss took Cindy, Deborah and
I out to lunch. We went to Raffty's and had a really nice
lunch. Then later, the three of us were again presented with
a cake that was decorated with 14 carrots, to symbolize that
we are all three 14 karat gold! So neat.

All this to show they appreciate us and the work we do.
I know that my move to the TBI less then a year ago was
one of the best moves I could have made. Matter of fact
my year anniversary will be here May 16th and I have to say
I have enjoyed this year. I was welcomed into the unit with
open and welcoming arms. I was made to feel at home right
off the bat. I think that they must feel the same way about
me that I feel about them.

Thanks for stopping in once again,


Anonymous said…
OMG that was sooo very thoughtful of them Pam. The arrangement is beautiful and so fitting for you with the Art supplies made to be part of it. . Well deserved after all the hard work you put in...Great job! As for the 14 'Carrot' Gold..that was too funny...and yummy I'm sure. Oooh love that frosting!! It just goes to show...put your best work forward and people will notice..the ones that count that is. You work soo hard for them Pam...I'm so happy they realize this and show their appreciation in return. Again, well deserved! Happy Admin Prof Day. Nancy M; Ohio

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