Niece's and Nephew's - Horse's, Car's, College and Acting!

You have met my niece Holly,
my drama queen, let me introduce
you to my the rest of my niece’s and

There is Chase, the oldest at 25
years old. Chase recently married
in November and he is the son my
oldest brother, Ray. Chase and I
have always been close. He use to
spend a lot of time at my house,
playing with my daughter when he
was younger. He is a very handsome
young man, polite and sweet. Chase
took up racing Go Karts at the age of
13 years old. From there he went to
racing cars. He started out at a local
track and then he moved to ARCA
racing. He took home a first place in
ARCA in Daytona, holding the record
for the youngest driver to sit on the
pole in Daytona. From there he went
on to racing BUSCH and his first year
as a rookie he finished 10th in Daytona.
Chase then went on to race NASCAR
Craftsman Trucks on the team with
Bobby Hamilton. Chase is not racing
anymore but you can check out his old site at
and while you are at it check out his
new site for out furniture

Next is my niece Paige, Chase’s sister.
She was studying to be a vet but I think
as changed that now. She will still
being working with large animals
like horses since that is her true love.
Paige is 21 and has been riding and
showing Arabia horses since she was
about 14 years old. She fly’s out to
Arizona to show a lot since she has
several horses out there. In the 2008
US National Championship Horse
Show, Paige took home the Champion
of HA Reined Cow Horse AAOTR and
Purebred Reining AAOTR. She has
showed a couple of times here in TN.,
that I have been able to go and support
her at. She is awesome with her horses.
She has control and is in charge of
these beautiful animals while she

Then there is Cobi. Cobi is the youngest
of Ray’s children. Cobi is from Romania,
he was adopted in to the family when
he was about a year and a half old.
Cobi is now 15 years old. He is a
loving boy that has recently developed
that change of voice thing! Cobi has
yet to find his nitch he what he is good
at like Chase and Paige but I can tell
you this. He has awesome grades and
the boy can knit! He knitted Holly a
hat a couple of years ago for Christmas
and I was so impressed.

Then there is my nephew brought into
the family by marriage but none the
same, still my nephew. That would be
Sean, he is my sister in law, Lori’s son.
Lori is married to Ray. Sean is in his
first year of college and since school
started I have only seen him once.
When Ray first told me about Sean
and his sister Jessica I was taken
back a bit cause my first thought
was “what will I talk to this kid
about”…See Sean is VERY smart.
He is intelligent to say the least
and with that, I figured that I
would not have anything to say to
him or that he would talk over my
head. That did not happen. Sean
and I hit it off great! We joke around
with each other and laugh a lot. He
is a sweetie and a great kid. He plays
in the Marching Band at his college
and he is really good. He was picked
out of Middle TN., high schools to
tour Europe and play there in several
cities. Sean also scored a 22 on the
college entry exam when he was 12.

Then there is Jessica. She is 17 now.
Looks just like her Mom with pretty
blue eyes and blonde hair. Jessy is
just now into boys and has a steady
these days. She is so unlike the rest
of them for she is shy and quite. I
have been asked a couple of times
to help her get ready to attend events
in her life. Once was when she was
going to dinner with her Dad and to
the show Star Search and the last
time was this past Halloween when
she was going out with friends to a
Haunt House and wanted me to help
fix her up with her makeup and stuff.
I love it when my nieces and nephews
ask me to be a part of their life.

Then there is Holly of course. My
Drama Queen. So talented in whatever
this child does. She is in the 8th
grade and is 13 years old. She is an
only child, my youngest brother Mark’s
daughter. She sings, plays piano, acts
and is always trying to entertain
everyone. She is at this time going
through that “leave me along attitude”
that teens go through. But she is also
a sweetie at times.

I love each and everyone of my nieces
and nephews with all my heart.

Now on a very serious note, I must
mention Ray’s son between Paige
and Cobi. We lost Sean ( the first
Sean of the family) to cancer at the
age of 8. He was diagnosed with
brain cancer at the early age of 4.
After 4 years of suffering, we lost
him. He would be 24 now.
But we know that he was taken to
heaven on the wings of angels and
that per his wish, he operates the
rain button for God.

Thanks for stopping in and
reading about my family,


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