Texting While Driving

This past weekend, a friend on mine
that lives in Ohio went on a Spring
Break trip with her husband and son.
What was to be a fun and relaxing
vacation turned out to be a scary and
thoughtful trip. I received this email
from her this morning and then I said
said a prayer to God for bringing this
family home safely. Please read the
attached email and heed the word of
warning that goes with it. All could
be lost in a matter of seconds.

To all my friends...a request..

PLEASE...don't TEXT and drive.
Not only do u put every unsuspecting
soul at risk..you put yourself as well.

This week while on vacation during

Spring Break in Pennsylvania we
had a very close call...too close for
comfort and let me tell you nothing
puts a damper on a vacation like
seeing your life pass b4 yr eyes
wondering is this it? Has our
number been called...will my son
be spared in the back seat...who
will be there for our son..have we
covered all our basis with his care
in our absence?

I have NEVER seen my husband

look so shaken and I will always
remember the expression on his
face that day.... First disbelief, alarm, fear,
acceptance to what was bound to happen...
After this close call I remember
looking in the back seat at my
son...at my husband ... I heard
myself whisper... That guy...he
was texting!... ..Hubby just sat
there with this glazed over look
in his eyes... I called his name
twice to snap him out of it after
that idiot has passed us... and
lastly the expression on my
husbands face... Anger!

We were sitting at a major traffic

light waiting for the light to change...
We were talking, laughing and
planning our day. The cross traffic
was moving along at a good clip
when we first hear the squeal of
tires and then see this huge black
SUV heading right for us. There
was no where for us to move...
There was a car right on our tail
as we sat there (being first car at
the light) and there was not much
road for us to move on our right...
It was a 2 way-er.. The way the
traffic light was..we were a little
ways back which ended up being
a very good thing. The guy driving
the SUV was moving along with the
traffic which was moving pretty fast
and it seems at the last minute realized
he was missing his turn into our street...
he swerved when he was pass center
of the the turning lane (right into
our lane).. He was driving fast as
it was...looked like he panicked and
pressed on the gas even more...
(I remember this because we
heard the noise you hear when a
car speeds up..) ..his tires just squealed
as his SUV tipped dangerously.. he
tried to control the car and get it
back onto his lane but what we saw
was his SUV heading dead center
right at us. It's amazing how clear
things get at the last minute...how
you notice detail... This guys phone
was still being held up in the air
(saw it thru his drivers window)
and I could still see his fingers moving
on his keyboard (I saw him grasp the
steering with his right hand at the last
minute)... he was a clean cut business
type...wearing a black suit and white
shirt...it was a black SUV with Tan
interior; his expression fear! My
husband just whispered... 'I have no
where to move to'... as he tried to inch
our car more to the right out of this
guys way.. The SUV swerved so
bad at the last minute I was so surprised
he didn't clip our front drivers end..
or still land on us the way the SUV
tipped... this guy was having such a
hard time controlling his car he then
went up his right side onto the lawn
on his other side which had a slight
slope to it...and almost tipped his
SUV again.. It really was a miracle
he didn't flip that thing ...and then
he gunned it and sped down the
street... when we looked forward...
the traffic was slowed..almost stopped
in front of us and everyone seemed to
be looking down our street after that
mad man... I again noticed more
detail in our shock I guess... there
was a car almost stopped in the cross
traffic... a lady was at the driver side..
a male on the passenger side..and
their necks were craned back it
seemed as they looked our way
with their mouths opened wide
in disbelief.

Everyone just sat there for a bit... no

one beeped at us to move when our
light turned green..we just sat. Had
my husband not moved the inch he
did and that guy not looked up and
jerked his steering wheel at the last
second..it would have been a head
on for sure.. we would have been
sandwiched between two cars....that
guy would have taken us with him
for sure... we in my small little car
would not have been so lucky!
We ended up heading back to
the Lodge and taking it easy
that afternoon... I remember glancing
back at hubbys side of the car as we
walked toward the Lodge... thinking...
surprised that guy didn't scare the
paint off that side of the car (smile)!

Texting while driving....there is no

need for it! What did people do
when there was no texting? It can
wait! Please be very careful and alert....
Please pay attention when you drive..
be very alert for
those idiots that think they can
do everything while they drive.
Life is too precious to let some
dumb text message get in the way..
Everyone is important/precious to
someone... Nothing is that important
that it can't wait a few minutes
until the driver is parked somewhere..

Stay Safe


After I read this I emailed her back. In
her next email she shared with me that
her husband does not get shaken up
very easy, to see him that shaken made
it even worse for her. What probably
took place in a matter of seconds was
probably the longest time of their life.

Thanks for stopping in,


Pam D said…
It's illegal in some states to text while driving; I hope it becomes a nationwide ban. It's been proven that it's more dangerous than driving while high, although it doesn't top drunk driving. But it's close. I heard the phrase "driving while inTEXTicated" to describe it, and that's pretty accurate. I'm so glad that your friends ended up OK.. perhaps it's a wakeup call for them, but what a close one!

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