Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

It’s been a few days since I have blogged but
here I am! Spring has been a busy day for me.

First it was getting ready and preparing for my
Art Show at the gallery. Lots of work goes into
that. Making tags with the name of each painting
and the price for each. Making sure you have
enough paintings to hang. Painting some,
framing some, this on top of making sure you
have enough wine, cokes, and snacks to serve
at the opening. This was last Saturday but the
Thursday before I had to go down and hang
the paintings. That was not easy, I can decorate
around furniture but hanging one painting after
another was a chore. Wow…I was tired before it
got here. But it was great.

I will be posting a blog on that as soon as I have
photo’s to show also. But let me say that I thank
each and everyone of the people that drove to
Watertown to see my work. You guys are great!

Speaking of paintings, I have a fund raiser to
attend tomorrow (Thursday) evening. I have a
painting on sale there also. The proceeds will go
to Kid’s on the Block, a non-profit group that uses
the money to go into the schools, groups, churches
…etc. and using puppets they teach the kids about
life’s issues, AID’s, teen pregnancy, blindness,
deafness, etc. Check out their website at

This is my 5th year to work with Kids and I love it.
They center the fund raiser around “Chairs” for
Chair-ish the kids. Your project should have a
chair in it. An actual chair, a painting of a chair,
a picture of a chair…anything that centers around
a chair. Check that site out .

I will be posting more on this event after tomorrow
when I have pics to show and share also.

After all this is behind me I will start working on
my upstairs. I have 3 bedrooms to paint, a hall
and a bathroom. I also would like to get the cabinet
painted in the bathroom, lay a new floor and
change out the sink and faucet. All this work I will
do myself. But its just a matter of getting this
bottom moving and going…and finding the time!

I will also post later on how all that work is going!


Pam D said…
Ooooh, I am so ready to see pictures of the show! Hurry.. hurry.. :<) How do you think it went? Were you pleased? Do you think you'll do it again? I'm excited for you...

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