Ruby Slippers


For anyone who knows me knows that I love the
movie the Wizard of Oz. My fav movie even at this

I have shared my love of this movie with my kids.
When my daughter was little, when we got our first
VCR, she thought that everytime we went to check
out movies...she had to get OZ. I had to just stop that
because, its a movie that I looked forward to watching
ONCE a year. Once a yr. it came on tv and that was
my tradition...once a year.

My son also liked the movie. He is the type that can watch
a movie once and knows it line for line. He was very good
and re-acting that movie.

After sharing my love of that movie with my kids...I started
on my niece, Holly, who is about 7 yrs. younger then my son.
She loves it also. Holly, is my drama queen, she can act.
And like my son, she is a born entertainer, also up and
acting silly and entertaining all around her. She has performed
in 3 plays herself and she is just in the 8th grade.

These days, I share that movie with my grandson, Caleb.
He also loves it. Who wouldn't, it takes you into a fantasy
world to enjoy the adventure, the color, the music...its a
great movie.

I tell you these things so that I can share my new gift with
you. Holly's class takes a trip out of town every year. This
year, this past week, was a trip to Washington DC.

Holly, always thinks of her Aunt Pam when she takes these
trips and gets me a gift. She really makes me feel so special.
Yesterday, I saw her and she gave me the gift that she picked
out esp. for me. A water globe with the Ruby Slippers in it.
It is so neat. I love it. Thank you sweetie, I will am putting it
in the glass cabinet in my living room with my plates to show
it off to everyone that comes in my home.

Thank you for stopping in.



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