Could That Be The Reason I Am Not Married Anymore? Part 3

See postings from February 10 and April 1,
2009 for part 1 and 2.

My ex worked nights just about the whole
13 years we were married. I guess I got use
to him not being there when I was. His days
off were usually Friday (while I worked) and
Saturday’s. So I was the one that took the kids
to day care, picked them up, cooked for them,
fed them, got homework, baths and got them
in bed. Not that I blamed him because he had
a good job, but it would have been nice to have
had him there in the evening.

He was good at getting up sometime after the
kids and I left and before going to work he
would usually pick up all the things we left out
on our mad rush for the door to leave on time.
On Friday’s, usually our day to eat out, sometimes
he would cook. He was a good cook.

But like I explained in an early post of “could
that be the reason I am not married anymore”,
I stated that I was usually the joke person in
our relationship. Keep that in mind!

Early on in our marriage, I did work several yrs.
part time after my daughter was born. One of
these jobs was with the chain of drug stores, Revco.
One morning on my way out the door, tip toeing
through the bedroom I noticed that my ex had
his foot hanging off the bed out from under the
cover. He could not stand his feet to feel
weighted down. The other foot was out of the
cover but still on the bed. A little light bulb
went off over my head……

I went on to work (And yes, I left you hanging
on what I did) and waited. I worked up at
the registers at the front of the store, in front
of the pharmacy. The phone was on the wall
there as you went into the pharmacy. I knew
about what time my ex would be getting up
(same time daily) and when the phone rang….

I was called over to the phone since I had let
someone else answer it. When I said hello,
my ex laughed and asked where the polish
remover was. Yes, I had painted his toes!
Bright RED! I laughed and proceeded to tell
him that I was out and that he wore steel toed
boots, no one would know. I would bring some
remover home that evening. I heard panic in
his voice and after telling him several times
that I had none…I finally owned up and told
him where to find the remover.

As I was telling this story to the ladies at work
yesterday one of them popped up and said
“Could that be the reason you are not married
anymore?”……I was so proud of her for that
cause I never thought about putting that in the

Thanks for stopping in and having a laugh
with me!


Pam D said…
Heee! You are TERRIBLE! You need to link up to the True Story Tuesday posts with all that craziness. I can't think of anything funny to write, and you have a whole library. Remind me, though, to never share a hotel room with you. It would take too long when I woke up to check myself over from top to bottom to make sure you hadn't done anything!
Anonymous said…
OMG...Of all my friends...only you would do something like that! You are a trip! You had me laughing... thanks for jump starting my day on a laughing and light note! But the question still stands.... "Could it be...? (smile)... Oh goodness... a thought just came to mind... Thank goodness I'm a light sleeper!!! But checking anyway...does your grandsons room have a door with a lock?...Oooh know what they say...about Pay Backs and I'll be there a few days ...LOL.. See you soon ~ Nancy M. ~ Ohio

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