Going in for the count down now!

Three more weeks and I will be

at my very first opening for my


I have about 20 paintings to

hang for that night. I have

been working on my tags that

will hang next to each painting

with the name and the price on


This is my invite that I will be

mailing and handing out. Most

invites will be sent via email since

that is really the easiest way to

get hold of everyone.

Hoping for a good turn out with

friends and family. I will be

sharing this show with Trevor

Elliot and his photo's. Trevor

and I have had several emails

but I will be meeting his young

man the day of the show. But

I am so looking forward to it.

I so hope this goes well.

Thanks for stopping in.



Pam D said…
I wish I lived somewhere close to where I could attend. You know I'll be there in spirit! Once all of this is over, you'll have to set up a gallery site with what you have to sell. I could send my hubby there to pick out something for my birthday! ;<)

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