Winter Again, Or is Mother Nature Messing With Us?

What is up with Mother Nature?
That woman is really messing
around this time!

Yesterday it was 70 plus degrees
here in the great city of Nashville,
TN. Today, the high is 40 degrees.
Problem with that is it will be
dropping. Showers with chance
of snow showers later today. Freeze
warnings out for the next two nights.

With that said, I worked in my
flower beds this weekend! I out
smarted Mother Nature though,
I planted NOTHING! All I did
was clean them out from the fall
leaves that had covered them.
I usually leave that on over the
winter to help protect the roots
of the flowers. Plus, when it
decomposes it helps the dirt.
But I figure most things are up
and peeking out of the leaves
so I needed to clean all that up.

I will wait a few more weeks
before I start putting any plants
out. I think I am going to do a
lot of pot planting this year (as
I read over that I realized how
that sounded)…I am going to
plant a lot of my plants in pots
this year. I think that was worded
a bit better!

Tending to a yard is something
I use to love to do. I loved digging
in the dirt and have the feel of the
earth on my hands. It was a great
fix when I was stressed or worried
about something…course it
works well at calming me
when I was ticked off also!
But right now tending to a
lot of plants through out
the yard seems over whelming
right now with all I have
going on. We will have to see
how all goes.

I do like herbs in pots on the
deck. I had stopped cooking
like I did when the kids were
young, but lately, with more
energy, I am cooking so much
more. I use a lot of herbs and
spices when I cook, normally
that is the dried variety, but
fresh would be nice. Plus, I
rub them with my hand as
I go by, the scent they put
out is so nice. So…that is one
thing I will probably put out.

Tomatoes also….a pot of cherry
ones! I usually grow one of them
on my deck. My grandson, Caleb
loves them ( last year I think I got
one off that plant..Caleb got the rest).
But this year I am
thinking of putting out a couple
of larger ones also. Darn, this
sounds like it is becoming a
project! There goes my thoughts
on not tending to a yard, plants
and the weeds!

Okay, Mother Nature, I am going
back to the 40 degree weather
of today and in hopes that you
don’t hurt anything I have
coming up so far! While I still
try to figure you out...Tornado's and
storms five days SNOW

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Pam D said…
Weird, weird, weird! I hightailed it outta there yesterday before noon... and got back here to find out that WE might get sleet or snow, too! ??? It's spring break here, people.. SPRING break! Wouldn't it just be a strange twist of fate to get the snow that we've been crying for all winter right now? To build a SNOWMAN on spring break? Probably not, but close... TOO strange!

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