Me, Wedding Decor and Results

 I have some friends
Aric and Krystal 
that I met through
James and Julie from
the venue. 
They have been
married 23
years. They wanted to do
a renewal of vows for
several years and this
year, Julie and I decide
to help them with that.
Julie, James, Lisa,
and I will be giving
of ourselves and our
talents on Oct 15, 2022.

Julie will be re- marrying them,
James will be doing the 
music and Lisa will
be assisting. I will
be doing photos.

But bless her heart, Krystal 
has been overwhelmed with 
the things she wanted
to do and work projects so
we thought it would be 
nice to go through things
Tuesday afternoon with props 
and decor. 

Will show pics of 
that in a bit
but as we were 
finishing up I sat down
on a log. 
I handed Julie my phone
and asked her to take
a pic cause I knew
I  just looked cute
as hell sitting there!!
this came from someone
that hates her pic made.

Julie snapped several
but several I was
making faces...
this one was pretty good.

After setting up all the
stuff and getting it
how Krystal wants
it to look. I took pics
so we can sort of
get it arranged again.

Aric will be standing up 
in front of the cross
with Julie and Krystal
will enter from the direction
below, going past 
the logs where the 
guest board is and
the to tall
candle holders.

Things will be set up
like this.
We re draped
the scarf and the 
the flowers were re
attached to be more
secure and turned
to point out to the 
folks sitting out front.

I love this section.
The guest sign in board
(I made for Aric and Krystal
for the 23 anniversary a few
months ago), 
the 23 center piece
that was used at the 
anniversary party made
by Krystal.

WOW...the colors
sure do pop esp 
against the setting of
the green cedar trees
 behind the

FYI~ this is the 
Chapel of the Wildwoods.
We have had a few weddings
back here but usually summer
is a tad to warm for
weddings and winter
to cool...
so a fall wedding 
is just great.

After getting home
I had to wash my
face really well, I had
red glitter all over it!

Anyway, once the scarf, and 
flowers were arranged, and the
scarf was tacked down in 
place, James carried
the cross to store in 
the garage. That way
we will not be wasting
time setting those items
back up correctly.

Thursday I had 
to appear at 
Premier Radiology
for a Calcium Scan
around the heart.
Due to my issues with 
calcium levels going up
and down, doc thought
this was something I 
Results to come.


Sandee said…
Great shot of you and I love that wedding. Beautiful.

Have a fabulous day and weekend. Scritches to the furbabes. ♥
Liz A. said…
It's always good to have a practice set up before the big day. It all looks good.
Ann said…
It does make it easier if you can set things up ahead and take pictures so you remember how you liked it when the time comes. It looks amazing with all those fall colors.
Jeanie said…
That photo of you is really cute and I loved the wedding decorations -0- perfect for the fall. Good luck with your bone scan. Do keep us posted!

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