Reply to Liz, Tony Hawk, The Rock, My Broom, Resting Face and Hocus Pocus 2

Wow. (Not the same, 
but similar. Have you
 heard of the famous 
skateboarder, Tony
 Hawk? His entire Twitter 
is devoted to
 people meeting him, 
telling him he kinda
 looks like that famous 
skateboarder, and
 him playing along. 
I wouldn't think the Queen
 would have that problem, 
but I guess not.) 

Yes Liz, I know who
Tony Hawk is. My son and 
grandson have followed
him and played his video 
games. My last trip to 
Calif. I sat next to a really
nice young man that had
been back home to TN to
visit and he was headed 
back to where he lives now
in San Diego. He was telling
me that last yr on his trip 
to TN he sat right
next to Tony Hawk. 
That would have been cool
if I had sat with him, Cory
(son) would have freaked.

Cory has never let me
forget that I had the chance
many, many years ago to
get the Rock's autograph.

He was at Kmart, signing
them one day. This was the 
wrestling Rock, not Dwayne
Johnson the actor.
 Had he been an actor,
I would have gotten it.
Course, I knew who 
the Rock was even then.

I love this.

If I still went to 
work daily,
everyday I would 
have this hanging in
my office.

I saw this on

and thought of this
story below.

When I worked
at the blind 
school I worked
with this young
lady, lot younger
than me.
One day she
referred to RBF.
I asked her what
that was and then
started to look
it up on the computer...
She yelled, no 
Pam don't look
that up!
Then she explained.
I had no clue
RBF meant 
Resting Bitch Face.
Never heard 
that before. 
Glad I did not
look it up on 
the school computer!!

Not many more
days to go....
I am ready
and I have
Disney +!



Christine said…
Haha on rbf
Ann said…
I have to admit that I wouldn't have known what RBF stood for.
Brian said…
We know who Hawk is too, he seems pretty nice. The brooms will be flying around soon!
Marie Smith said…
Love that reference to the broom.
Darla M Sands said…
I've never been one to get signed autographs, partly because I fear celebrities can be so disappointing in person. ~sigh~ Happy early Halloween!
I wouldn't have known what RBF meant.

All the best Jan

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