So I did this thing...
I might have mentioned
it before but here goes

On my subdivision FB
page I threw out 
an idea and asked 
who wanted to play
Then a guy I went
to school with threw in
on my post that if we
make it a contest he
will throw in 100 bucks. 
That is not what I wanted
but he insisted. I tried to explain
that we would need 
judges....well, two
folks not doing the decor
said they would judge.
So, its a contest

Its Halloween
Mailbox Decor.

I have a running list
of those that are
playing along with

Without my list in front
of me I might be 
one or two off
but we are at 31 I think
that wanted to play along.

Here are a couple that 
are up now.

No, mine is not
done yet. I plan on 
doing that this

This is how it is going 
to go. judging will be
Oct. 20th. I had the addresses
so I will go out and take pics
of each mailbox and post
on our FB page,
judges will have to talk
together via messenger
and decide.

I am excited at the ones
wanting to play along.

There is a couple on the
street over from me
that is going to play along,
they have not done the 
mailbox yet but their
yard is coming along.
They do this every
year, adding to it 
each time.

So far all I have done
is hung some ghost 
in my tree.

They are blowing in 
the wind today and 
with Ian hitting
Fla., we should start
getting winds from



Liz A. said…
Funny how these things can snowball. I'm glad you didn't get roped into providing a prize or having to judge. Now, you just need to come up with other little contests that others will decide to add to ;)
Christine said…
These are amazing!
Brian said…
That should be a really fun contest!
Ann said…
Well that sounds like fun. We wouldn't be able to do that here though. Our mailboxes are attached to our houses

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