Crafts - Weekend Nov. 22 and 23

Saturday was a busy day, no rain and
I felt good so I needed
get some things done.
I have had this shelve for a couple of
years. I was going to redo it
for my grandson's room but
never did.
My daughter collects shot glasses
and she has run out of
space to display them.
Shhhh, glad she don't read the blog cause
his is part of Christmas.
Same with the white shelve. Like me she
is going black with things like this.

The shot glass shelve finished.

The shelve finished.

Also decided to throw this in so
I painted it black also.

This is a project I started back sometime
ago and stopped!
I had it painted a pretty teal blue
and was gong to decorate the
top and messed it up...
so this was more of a fix project!!
It started out to be a wooden
tissue holder, once I cut
a back for it and paint that, it
will be sealed and hung outside
as a birdhouse.

Made this for my flower bed for next

Another shhh.....
made this for my older
brother, his grandson
calls him papa....

He has a pond out in the front yard
that he can place this around once it
is sealed to with stand the weather.
Thanks for stopping in,


you've been busy Pam! I guess you took advantage of the pretty weather on Saturday.... I know I did. But it's over, so now everything's on hold. :(

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!


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