PINTEREST Peaks My Interest

I love to search different
things to make and do,
pinning them to my board in
hopes that one day I will get to
Here are a few Christmas things
that peaked my interest.
I love the idea of wrapping
like simple
yet would be so eye catching
under the tree.
If you collect paint samples
through the year, look
at this idea.

Now this is not really Christmas
unless you make it for
a dog lover!
Yes, I can relate.

Cute. You could hang in the house
or even on the door.

Love it!

Have you recently finished off
some wine?
Hold onto that bottle.

I love this. I want to work on doing
this maybe next year, course it
would not have to be a Christmas
thing, depending on the color
ribbon, it could be anytime of
the year.

Yep, I want!
Of course while scanning PINTEREST
I have learned how to make
these from an old sweater!
I normally don't
wear sweaters but Goodwill
is not far down the road.

This is too cute too.
Another sweater idea!

This is my choice of door
decoration this Christmas...
well, its my thoughts to have
this made for Christmas this
year. I have been trying to figure
out what to do with those short small
shutters. Just gotta paint one, I
got the bells....and I think I
will go with silk greenery.
Now to get busy!

I could make a pattern for
I have really been leaning
towards snowmen the
last 5 years or so.
They are just to cute.

I like this too...and I happen
to have a wooden sled!

Problem...I only have one front
Maybe one this year, another
the next and maybe the sled for
another year.
PS...if I ever get all I have pinned on
I will be one
but then again, retirment is coming
up in July!
Thanks for stopping in,



Gail Wilson said…
I LOVE pinterest too!

My favs are the wrapping, and those adorable paint chip Christmas trees!


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