Lock and Dam

Caleb (oldest grandson) and I went to the lake
yesterday. He had some new binoculars he wanted to
play with that his Great Uncle Ray got for him.

We ended up at the Lock and Dam just has a barge
was coming down and about to enter the
Great time for Nana to take pics as Caleb
looks through his binoculars.

The workers are keeping the barge from hitting the wall.

Caleb and I called this guy on top the
"Gate Keeper"!

Thought this made a great pic
of the herron and the flag. Couldn't work
better unless it was an Eagle and the flag!

Here is the barge being pushed into the lock.
Reminds me of when I went down the Panama
Canal...so cool, only I was on that barge....
I mean boat!

The cargo was a bit large so the last
part of the barge, next to the boat pushing it
had to be removed and pulled back out.

And the doors started to close.

All closed up.

While watching the barge Caleb switched out
from the binoculars to my other camera, the D40.
Teaching him to be a photographer.

Later we went to the other side of the dam and
Caleb actually took pics with my D200.

Check out what he caught.

Pretty good photographer.

Nice catch Caleb.

We had a great time.

Thanks for stopping in,


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