The Visit

Cory and Britney were scheduled to fly out yesterday
evening (7/11/12) to go back home to San Diego.
One flight was pushed back which made it impossible
for them to catch their connecting flight so they
were able to spend another night with me!

Here is a pic of my oldest grandson, Caleb with
his unlce Cory.

And Caleb snapped this shot for me or Cory and I.

This morning, the morning of the flight we swung
by where my daughter works so she could
see her brother before they left. Before this trip they had not seen
each other in 3 yrs since she was unable to make the
wedding last yr.

My Children.

Saying goodbye.

For me the hardest part of it all is the goodbyes.
They should be boarding their flight RIGHT
now. Its a five hour flight with an hour layover.

I know they will be glad to get home to their dogs and
cat.....but I already miss my son.

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