Sunday I finally made it into my craftroom ......


It was past due.
Funny how you can find things when
all is put up and clean!

So since it was clean I threw a
few things together.

Goodwill black wire basket and a
Goodwill wooden candle holder painted
black. The basket had a hint of silver in
it so I added the hint of silver to the candle

More Goodwill purchases....
A globe and a small lamp base.
Make a great candle holder.

And next....a wooden three tier candle
holder (Goodwill) with 3 Goodwill
white cups. Great for putting sugar packets in
on the table or even candles.

Simple projects but it felt good to get in there
and do something.

Thanks for stopping in,



cleaned and did some cute projects...that's a great day! :)

my craft you didn't even know I have one? is disastrous. I've been trying to make it usable for over a year. how sad!

enjoy your weekend Pam!

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