Cory's Birthday and Visit

A year ago this past May my son, my baby, got
married. Cory lives in California, in the city
limits of San Diego. He went out there in January 2007.

I went out in May last year for Cory's wedding
and to photograph that event and what
a beautiful wedding it was.

So after a year and 1.5 months, I was able
to see Cory again. Him and my daughter
in law came to TN. for a visit.

Meet Cory holding his nephew Braden.

Braden was still a bit unsure. Cory and Britney were
going to be staying at Cory's dad's house but he came
right over after getting off the plane and visited a couple
of hours.

This is my pretty daughter in law, Britney.
Britney was born and has lived her whole
life in San Diego.

Braden is still a little unsure!


They flew in on Wed. evening but on Sunday morning
they came back to my house. I was so glad that we were
able to celebrate Cory's b-day on Sunday the 8th, cause
that was his actual birthday.....and he turned 25.

He loves Star Wars so I made him a Star Wars cake.

We had a cookout at my best friends house, Barb and
Phil. Thanks for the loan of your place (mine is just
not big enough for more then a few people)...

Invited to the event was Chris and his girlfriend.
Chris was born in Aug. 1987 and Cory was
born the month before in July. Chris is Barb and Phil's
youngest son and one of Cory's best friends.

And this is Justin. Chris' cousin and also a good friend
of Cory's.

And this young lady is Jenny, she and Justin are
a couple.

And this is my beautiful daughter, Amber

Amber's youngest son, Braden.

Amber's middle child, DJ

And this is the oldest, Caleb.

We had grilled burgers and hotdogs, baked beans,
pasta salad, chips and dip and cake.

Cory's reaction to having Happy Birthday sang
to him.

After the song...

The next day Cory, Britney and I went
to the Farmers Market.

Reason to venture to the Market was for Britney to
to pick up hot sauce that is made in TN. for her
father and some for her. They both love hot sauce
and collect bottles from other places.

Beautiful colors at the Market.

Cory is an animal lover and he was
so determined that the KING (my dog, who
dislikes everyone)  and he would become
friends......he did a great job.


Thanks for stopping in,


great post Pam! Happy birthday to Cory!
I'll be going to San Diego in august, I can't wait! I've never been to California before. :)
exterior veneer said…
Braden is looking so cute.

- Herman Swan

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