Me and Hair, Beautiful Day, Stuff Animals, Food and the Window

Yesterday morning I was 
a witness to a couple
getting married. These
fast and quick weddings 
take 30 mins. But I still
feel like it requires a 
shower and makeup!

HOWEVER, I toweled
dry my hair and let it go
to do it own thing. 

 Image may contain: Pam Montgomery Jackson

Just to reassure everyone,
I am staying away from people,
outside and I will put even more
distance if I find some coughing 
or sneezing. Problem with all that....
its SPRING. Allergy season so 
this virus has picked a bad time
of the yr for everyone.

Moving on...looking at the 
pic above. Losing weight has
given me a turkey neck. My
CPAP machine usually leaves
at line of more on my cheeks (see
the line?)...Got my eyes approved
for fixing and that has to be done
by May 5th. Now, I was holding
off on doing that till I had the 
house on the market, but then.....
all elective surgeries are no longer
being done.  With that said, if
I can't have it done before the 5th
then I will have to have the 
insurance to approve it again,
for a third time. Beginning 
to think I am not suppose
to have it done.

took this pic looking in 
the mirror at the hitching
post yesterday.

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Yesterday was BEAUTIFUL.

Saw this in the hood yesterday.
Thought Easter was getting started
early! A friend reminded me that
its a thing to put a stuffed animal
out or in a window so folks can 
get out and drive around seeing 
these cool sites but not have to 
be out around folks. 
Brings a smile. 

I know I have a stuffed
animal around that I need
to locate to put in a window.
Maybe my back window
of my SUV.

Image may contain: people sitting, table and outdoor

 Gosh....I have been cooking 
TOO much.

All easy meals for sure.
Lil' Smokies in BBQ sauce
and grape jelly, cooked in the 
slow cooker. Deviled eggs with
corn on the cob.

Image may contain: food


As I was cooking my dinner
yesterday I looked up at
the kitchen window.

Image may contain: indoor

Posted this on fb and my
sis in law commented that she
spent many of meals that mom
had fixed sitting at that
Moms table was there, I 
however have set the 
table up in the dining room,
I am not putting a table
in this small kitchen.
But like Kim, I sat
there at that same window
for many meals.

Sort of came to a stand still
here at this house. I have 
things here that need to go
to Goodwill and they are not
open. Some of this GW stuff
is clothes of moms that should
have been taken care of before.
I have some furniture pieces
that my brother wanted and
as yet to come and
way. But also I have somethings
that were packed a yr ago, things
that family was to get and 
they have not come and gotten.
After this virus thing, they
will be given a deadline and 
this stuff will need to go.
If they don't come, it goes.
I can't even get my craft 
area set up yet and I need
that space for me, my 



Brian said…
Your hair looks very nice! Love the picnic scene!!!
Christine said…
You look great!
Ann said…
Your hair looks great.
Love the picture of the stuffed animals sitting at the table. So cute.
I'm surprised they are still allowed to do weddings with all the forced closings.
Darla M Sands said…
Yum, indeed. :) All I saw in your photograph was a beautiful woman with excellent fashion sense and cute hair. ~nods~ Stay gorgeous, keep healing, and take care. ~hugs~ Your lovely smile always makes me reciprocate.
DMYC said…
Love your hair. Sometimes just letting it do it's own thing is the very best things.

I ate both the deviled eggs. Yummy.

Love the picnic too. What fun.

Have a fabulous day, Pam. ♥
Jeanie said…
I don't see a turkey neck -- just a lovely woman.

Oh, your weather has me a tad envious. We've had the same gray gloom and damp for days. This will pass. I wish it would pass tomorrow!
Liz A. said…
I wonder how many people are taking this time to clear out spaces, but now have no place to take the things they are getting rid of. But Goodwill is not a good idea right now with the virus. It's a weird holding pattern.

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