Rocking Night, Prayer Gathering, Rug, Arrangements

 Another rocking night 
in Tennessee.... 

See the source image

Tornado Warnings for counties
coming up from West TN. 

Don't get much sleep on nights
like this. Prepared for movement
to the basement with Chey
and Lily Bit. 

Last night at the Tiny
Church in the Woods 
at TN Tiny Weddings 
we had a small gathering
and prayer evening for 
the world. 
Image may contain: 8 people, including Pam Montgomery Jackson, James Tripping Tucker, Julie Tucker and Aric Fox, outdoor

Image may contain: one or more people, outdoor and nature

Months ago before I realized
I was buying moms house I 
picked up this rug for 15 bucks 
at a consignment shop.

Image may contain: people sitting, table and indoor

Took out on the deck
and drowned it in 
water and pine sol.
Took a broom to it
and worked the cleaner
in. Once that was done I 
rinsed it off very well
and hung it for a day over
the deck rail to dry. 
When the rains started
to move in it was pretty
dry but I moved it under
the covered part of the deck
to dry for another day.
Love it, adds warmth
to the living room.

The pic below hung in 
my living room but now
hangs in the hall here.

Image may contain: indoor

Here is the story behind this
series of pics.

These pics were shot for a fund raiser 

event for Kids on the Block (learning 

puppets). The piece is called, " 

Cherish the Last of Summer". I 

shows the first chair sitting on the 

dock but what you don't see is the

woman walking around the lake. 

The next pic she decided to enjoy 

a bit of the summer by removing her

hat. In the 3rd pic the woman has not 

only decided to feel the sun by leaving

the hat but she left shoes so she can 

feel the grass around the lake under 

her feet. Next pic shows that she has 

decided to go for a swim.
to cherish the last of the summer.

Love, love, love this pic I took right

after I started in photography. 

Caught this beautiful blue

heron take flight. 

No photo description available.

Shot this birdhouse in front of a 

church and then of course 

the mill in Pigeon 


Image may contain: indoor

The next two pics
are some I took of my
younger brothers YARD

 Hub cabs on the side
of the shed.
No photo description available.

Signs on the tree. 

No photo description available.

The grouping in the hall. 

Image may contain: indoor

Things are coming along
they are getting there.

Talked with my handyman
today and I have things lined
up for him to get started after
I do somethings at the other
house first. 


Sunday morning update~
thunder, rain and
winds. No tornado's here. 
today. Going out to 
plant bulbs. 


Brian said…
I'm glad you all are okay! Love those photos on the wall.
Rhodesia said…
Enjoy the garden and take care. Diane
Christine said…
good deal on that pretty rug. Fingers crossed against those tornados.
Liz A. said…
This is not a good time for tornadoes, or any natural disasters, actually. Take care.
Ann said…
That rug was a steal for $15. It looks great in your living room.
Loving all your photos and the story that goes along with the chair series.
Jeanie said…
What a great deal with the rug. And I love the photos. Very striking. I'm sure the tornado watches are deeply concerning. I hope you'll stay safe.

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