Although I always have 
things to do 
at home, there are 
just some
days I need to go...
get out, roam.

During that roaming trip
I saw this barn that sat, 
right on the road.

Image may contain: tree and outdoor

Also found another gate 
to add to my files.
Image may contain: tree and outdoor

The other day I ran in 
GW cause I had to 
make a stop next door at 
Hobby Lobby.

My daughter loves all 
things Paris so 
when I saw this I 
had to get it.
However I normally don't 
pay this
much for things at GW, 
I gave 5.99.

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling

However pink is not 
Amber's color. 
So today I spray painted
 it black.

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Sharing how I store jewelry.

My bracelets are stored on 
a cup rack I found at a yard sale
a few years ago.

No photo description available.

Made this many, many
 years ago. I took a 16x20
wooden frame, pulled screening 
over the back and 
stapled it in place.

Image may contain: indoor

I used to have a plastic 
container with my earrings 
in different slots but 
I needed something 
where I could just see what
 I wanted and 
grab it. I took a small 
cabinet door, a chain
and upholstery tacks to
 hold the chain in place.
My earrings just hook 
through the opening
on the chain.
Image may contain: indoor

I don't wear a lot of rings. 
Where I do mix my a lot of
cheaper stuff with good stuff, 
I however only wear
my silver rings. I do trade 
out and wear different ones
all the time. I applied cup hooks to a slice of wood that
was used as a center piece to place vases on at 
Amber's (daughter) wedding.

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Now for the EXCITING
check out my article
in the local
magazine, Life
Between the Lakes.

Page 8.


Christine said…
Good for you on getting published! Love your Eiffel tower
You had best go shopping soon, you need more jewelry! Congrats on getting your article published!
wisps of words said…
I have outdated stuff on my old computer. So I can't run whatever that is.

But super, for getting an article published.

"Between the Lakes" between what lakes?

You had a great time roaming. Love the Eiffel Tower. You article is awesome. Congratulations!
Darla M Sands said…
Nice article. My wedding 'theme' turned out to be doves as a real nesting couple adorned the top of that B&B's window air conditioner, matching my cake topper. :) Your creativity knows no bounds. ~nods~ Be well!
Sue said…
Wow! what a great job with finding an easy way to reach your jewelry! I need to find a better way, mine gets all tangled up in a drawer.

I too like to ramble, though I live in the country, I still like to ride in the country. when I come back I feel so refreshed!.
Congrats on being published, thanks for the link.
Sue said…
Nice article on themed weddings, enjoyed reading.
I do like your Eiffel tower, it looks good in black.
Well done on getting published :)

All the best Jan
Ann said…
That is exciting having your article published.
I like all those clever ways of storing your jewelry.
Liz A. said…
Those are some good ideas on displaying jewelry. I might have to steal them for my booth. Congrats on the article.
Jeanie said…
Good buy on the tower. They're usually so much more. And good move painting it black! Looks great.
Red Rose Alley said…
When I saw your jewelry frame, it reminded me of Nel's. She has one in her bedroom just like this. It's so handy to pick out any jewelry you want for that day. Is this one yours? You have a lot of pretty necklaces! The log one is cool for rings. Right now in my life, I usually just wear cute bracelets.


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