Necklaces, Earrings, Table, Cross Stitch and Everleigh

Hello fellow 

A few months ago I 
posted this necklace
that James and Julie
gave me for checking on 
their babes while
they took 3 days of classes.

Looks like a snowflake so
I have been holding off on 
wearing it till it gets colder
but I also wanted some earrings
to go with it.

So off to Hobby Lobby the
other day and I found
two charms that I thought
would work just fine. 

So I made them into earrings.


Ready for winter now. 

My friend Carol gave me a 
bunch of jewelry. I picked
out a few pieces and past
the rest to Julie who picked
out some pieces and she past
them to her cousin.

But here is a piece I really liked.

Here again, I wanted some
earrings to go with it.

So while looking for snowflakes
I was looking for something 
go with this necklace. 

same color green and 
it has the same color blue with it
also. I love it.

And this is what they look 
like together.

Wow...check out this amazing
buy I got today.

Two side tables I 
picked up at 6:40 this morning
on the side of the road!

Thinking these would be great
on the deck!

Had an emotional day 
yesterday. Driving to PT
when my younger brother called.
Apparently when we moved the 
washer for Amber two weeks
ago the freezer got unplugged
and it was a mess. I told him 
I was on my way to PT and I 
would come clean it all up
when I was done. Then a block 
from PT I realized that I left
my bag with my towels and
change of clothes at the house.
so I called and canceled 
the apt. and headed to the 
store. Picked up trash bags and 
cleaning supplies, headed to moms.
Cleaned out the freezer, then I moved
to the den and packed it up. 
Packed up the bathroom 
After doing that I went to 
the kitchen and cleared out
all the cabinets and packed
all that up. 
My brother had been in the
basement getting some 
stuff together and ran
across this that mo had 
packed up.

I had broke down crying several
times while packing stuff
but this really got me.
I made this for her in 1990,
guess it will hang at my 
house now.

Everleigh update~
Saw the nuro doc yesterday.
GREAT NEWS....doc don't think
she will have any developmental 
issues. And with that he also don't 
think that she will need to be on 
seizure meds all her life, and matter
of fact they are weening her off one
of her meds right now. They do however
say that  her  right arm 
which is controlled by the left side
of the brain (the part the stroke damaged)
was affected. They will be working
with it more in rehab and PT. 
We will not know for sure
about her speech until she starts
to talk. 
And, she has a mild case of Cerebral 
Palsy which concerns me but the
doc said it is only mild and that it will
not be noticeable at all. 
She is growing and developing 
really well. 


Jeanie said…
Oh, such good news on Everleigh. You must have all been doing your happy dance.

I'm sorry you had to cancel your PT. You do go above and beyond and that is so kind, but please remember to take care of yourself, too. I hope you didn't clean it up alone (I suspect you did -- someone else needs to step up to the plate, too). The sampler is beautiful. I would have broken down and cried, too.
Oh that freezer mess sounds awful but I'm sure glad things look good for sweet Everleigh.
wisps of words said…
YOur brother was in the basement...

But he called YOU, to have YOU come over and clean up the mess...?????????????

Your YOUNGER brother, in fact.

Who HAS to be in better health, than you are.

-head desk-<--{Means, I am hitting my desk, with my head, in total frustration, with your life.}

Do not Publish if you wish...
Sandee said…
You had a good cry and then great news on the baby. That is fabulous news.

I love your earrings and they both match your necklaces very well.

Have a fabulous day. ♥
Liz A. said…
Nice jewelry. And good news about Everleigh.
Ann said…
I like the earrings you made to go with the necklaces. Very nice.
That was some day you were having there but it's all behind you now and you can keep moving forward.
Good news on Everleigh
Christine said…
you are so creative! Love your jewellery.
Red Rose Alley said…
Thank you for the update on precious baby Everleigh. I do hope her speech won't be affected in the coming years. I love the picture frame, there's no place like home. It will be comforting in your home and every time you see it, you can think of your mom. Sorry you had an emotional day, Pam. The earrings and necklace are cute. They look a bit gypsy to me. : )

Debbie said…
i am not a jewelry person but those pieces are very pretty!!

awesome news about everleigh!!!
Hello Pam... Your jewelry is so lovely... how wonderful you were able to find pieces to match so perfectly.

And then the freezer... Oh my, what a day! How special, though, that you came across that lovely picture. It puts everything into perspective doesn't it? I'm sure it will look lovely in your home and be a warm reminder.

Blessings, Net
I think the jewellery looks great and that is excellent news about Everleigh.

All the best Jan

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