Yuck I so dislike Monday mornings 
when I have to get up and go.
I don't sleep well on Sunday nights,
never did while I was working. I 
think in the back of my mind
I worry about the alarm not going
off! Rest of the week I am okay.
Another reason and this is not
just for Monday. Showers wear
me out. I know that sounds funny
but anyone with a chronic illness
deals with this. I usually have
to sit and take it easy after a 
shower. That is why I get up early,
make my coffee, go shower, sit
and blog and fb while I drink 
coffee and let my body get over
what a shower takes from it.
When in a flare up, its worse!
Anyway, I am doing that right now.

It was a restful weekend. No weddings
to assist in and none to shoot. Cleaned
on the house and just hung out. However
I did have a few errands to run. 
Sitting at a red light (a long one)
I was trying to take a pic of the 
sun setting but could not get a 
good one so I took a selfie instead!

Image may contain: one or more people, sunglasses and closeup

Julie shared this last night on FB.
AW.....I am still excited about this and
the hopes of being able to do more.

Image may contain: one or more people

My mom would be excited about 
this. I have always wanted to write 
and thanks to an editor for editing
this for me....I got to do it!

WOW....just one day and 
 hours away is Montana from 
Tennessee. However it just seems
strange that we were sitting at 
95 HOT degrees when they 
were getting SNOW. Not
a dusting but SNOW!

(Pulled pic from Severe Weather
update 2019)..
No photo description available.

OH MY GOSH. That is crazy!
I have a friend that lives in 
Montana and put a video
of her mules playing in the 
Looking for to cooler temps
but not looking forward to 
this, HAHA who am I kidding,
Tennessee will never see this.

Check out the link below.

This is the link for GOOGLE and Tennessee
Tiny Wedding. There is two small arrows
on the bottom of the first pic that comes
up. Click on that and a scrolling bar
will come up. Look for anything titled
TN Tiny Weddings. Don't GOOGLE to
fast or you will feel drunk.

Be sure and laugh today. Been up
less then an hour and Lily Bit
has had me laughing several times.


Christine said…
Congrats on getting published! I am so not ready for snow.
wisps of words said…
Would a bath, be any less enervating?

But you must have thought of/tried this...

Yes, saw a commenter, say they had snow, ice.

Here it is perfect Autumn... But will be showers, all rest of week. Use grill today!!!!!

Darla M Sands said…
I don't envy you going back to work, and that's me without a chronic illness. ~hugs~ My Sundays were always spent dreading the week ahead. ~sigh~ Take care of yourself, my dear. As an aside, my hairdresser finally convinced me not to shampoo daily for healthier hair. That makes getting ready a lot faster (easier) on days I skip that step.
Sandee said…
When I was working I didn't even need an alarm clock. My body would just wake up the same time every morning. I was happy about that until I retired and for years I continued to wake up at the same time I did when I was working. Bugger.

Yikes on the snow.

Have a fabulous day and week, Pam. ♥
Ann said…
I don't have the Monday problem because I have Monday off but Tuesday is another
That's crazy how much snow they got in Montana. I know a girl who lives there.
Liz A. said…
This is why I shower at night. Well, that and I wake up with only enough time to get ready and go.
We enjoyed reading your article! That sure is a ton of snow and I hope it stays out that way!
Pilar said…
Congrats on getting published Pam! I'm so happy for you! I heard on the news about the snowstorm in Montana! I want cooler temperatures too, but not a snowstorm! Last week it was 99 degrees here. Where is Fall?! lol have a great week!
Jeanie said…
Congratulations on your article! And I'm so glad it was a good weekend. (I feel like that on Mondays sometimes!)
Red Rose Alley said…
Oh my gosh, people are getting SNOW already? It's just starting to cool off here and showing signs of Autumn. I can see where Montana would get snow. It's such a beautiful state, and one I want to visit someday. That's a cute selfie of you, Pam.

Happy October days.


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