Found Items/IBS/Work/Table

Over two weeks ago when
 I went to moms
to help my daughter with
 the stuff
that she was getting I 
ran across a few things.

Image may contain: bird

In a dresser that Amber
 was taking that was
in moms office I found
 the above drawing.

You see, I have always been
 crafty but I was in the 
11th grade before I 
found ART. 
I painted a few things 
in art class, drew some but
once I was out of school
 I never did anything else.

UNTIL years and years
 later. I bought a thing of
cheap color pencils and 
started to play around 
with them. I am not
 much of a drawer though,
better at painting.
 I gave this to my mom.
Although she loved it she
told me I needed to find 
a paint class and start
painting again. She
 told me to check out 
Michael's and JoAnn's for 
classes. I said I would.
I never did. 

But this drawing started me
 back into playing with 
paints and brushes.
 Months went by and one day
mom was at my brothers
 house, she saw some people
going in a house down
 the street carrying canvas.
just walked herself 
down there to check it out.
That was when she met 
Shirley Pharris, a painter 
and teacher. Yep, that is
 how it started. I started
painting and took classes
 in Shirley's home for
five years. 

I had forgotten about this
 drawing and not until 

Amber and I ran across it 
did I notice, I drew moms

fave bird, the blue bird.
 I did not know that though
until just a few years ago.

Along with the drawing I 
found a couple of 
Mothers Day cards I made mom. 

No photo description available.

No photo description available.

Oh yeah, I was crying yet again!

Thursday I finished up
 with my water PT. YAY....
I hate having to do something
 like that on someone
else schedule. Making an apt
 is a pain. 
After PT I went to lunch at
 Jason's Deli. 
I have been carving salad,
 so I got one.
I had one also Sunday evening,
 paid for several
days for that one and not 
realizing it was the 
salad I am still paying 
today for Tuesday salad.
IBS don't like salads much 
but like the fibro, 
it might be an issue now
but not next week. 

Image may contain: food

But this was so good...

It starts again....

Yet, things are picking up at work
in Photo Services again so I am 
starting back on my Monday thru
Thursday schedule again. 
I am actually working on two
projects. The slide file room and 
moving the last Governor's photos 
from the one server to a drive for 

Hey, remember the tin type tables
I picked up on my last
roadside shopping trip?
Picked one up to place on the 
deck and saw a sticker on
the bottom, 29.99.
Wow, 30 bucks for each,
60 bucks and I got them FREE.
I like my price better!!!!


Those cards really are pretty! Everyone here has always been non-crafty!
Pilar said…
Pam you're so talented! What lovely cards you made for your mom. I'm the opposite I draw well, but I haven't really tried my hand at painting that much. I would love to paint more though. You should definitely look into those painting classes at Michael's you'd be great at it!
wisps of words said…
Sweet drawing...

That salad does not look good to me. >,-))) For me, the gluten pasta, would set me off. For what was an IBS result... D-i-a-r-r-h-e-a!!!! Eeeeeek!!!!

And because of knowing that, I could not enjoy the meal.

I don't like appointments either. But the water PT was of great help to you. With work picking up, are you going to do something, to try to continue the help, which the water PT gave you?????????

Yes, I am like your nagging "Auntie Hattie"... Nagging you to do this and do that!!! >,-)

Your bird painting is so beautiful! Isn't it wonderful to find an old treasure from the past!

What an incredible deal you got on those tables. I'm so glad they didn't become trash - and now they'll have a home that will enjoy and appreciate them. Makes one wonder how many nice things are thrown away that others could use.

Blessings to you! Net
Jeanie said…
I love finding those things! It's kind of a heart-clutch in a way, but in a good way.
Darla M Sands said…
Like WoW above, I hope you can continue PT on your own schedule in a YMCA therapy pool. ~hugs~ You are so talented, I must say again! And I adore that story of how your mom got you into that painting class - very sweet. Be well, my dear. I hope you have good days ahead, especially with so much to do.
I love the drawing and your are very talented! I didn't know that about salads. My husband has IBS but salads don't seem to bother him. Of course he takes extreme amounts of psyllium husk fiber therapy each night. Love the tin tables!
Christine said…
you were always artistic! Great deal on those tables, love that.
CHERI said…
Oh, what special memories! I am so glad you got back into your painting. My granddaughter is only 13 but has loved drawing all her life. She paints some too but prefers drawing with colored pencils. I am working hard with the powers-that-be to get ART back into our school system. It was dropped years ago due to budget sad that money has to be an hindrance in giving our students what they need/want. I sure hope I am successful, but I am very afraid the money will once again be the issue!!! Those tables are them and love the price even better! I have only once picked up something on the side of the road...only because I've never seen anything worth picking up! I did grab two big plastic bins that cleaned up nicely and now I use them in my pantry:) That salad looks sorry it didn't agree with you. Have a good week, sweetie! And keep the fun blog posts coming.
Ann said…
I still cry over sweet memories that I occasionally run across.
Great deal on those tables
Liz A. said…
You found the painting class when you needed it.

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