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this idea for a small island in the

I actually have a sewing machine like
this at mom's that I need to get
someone to help me drag over here.
Many, many years ago (many) my 
great granny gave it to my mom. 
I do not wish to take it apart for this
purpose below but I could make a wooded
piece to slide right over the top of the old

There is thought!
I have a lot of those!

This morning it is a warm  cool
morning on the deck but at 8:15am
it is so nice. I have my furbabes
with me. One jumping here and there and
from one side of the deck to the other and 
one curled up next to me sleeping and snoring,
I will let you guess which is which!

Anyway, on the deck, camera by my side,
laptop in my lap and coffee within reach,
the birds are singing, no mowers running,
no kids playing....beautiful.

Here are a couple more cute laundry
room sayings that I found a few days ago.

I so need to make one of these for my

Yesterday was a slow down day for me
so I tried to just rest and take it easy.
Tried napping on the deck but there
was too much going on around me
so I decided to do some painting.

My neighbors might run me out of the 
hood if I don't stop painting things!

I worked on my stepping stones.

Dakota of course is never far from
me and here he is checking out
my work.

I got a tad carried away on this one,
I did some spatters on it!
On purpose of course.

A view from the deck!

I am calling this my 
Colorful Brick Rd to the 
shed look!

Sandra over at
is a friend on FB and she
loves the flower on the shed.
I painted that about 3 yrs ago and 
sealed it...looks as good as it 
did the day I painted it.
Although I know that sealing the 
stepping stones will not help all 
that much. They might not fade as fast
but walking on them and running
the mower over them will break it 
down faster. 
A worn look will look just as cute.

Yesterday while sitting on the deck 
I watched a couple of Chickadee's
visit Lily's feeder. The are eating yellow
cake! haha...had to get it out of the house.

Last weekend I went to my daughters house
to work on the boys bunk beds.
When they moved they lost some pieces
and since the new hubby knows nothing
about tools it took mom to fix things.

I told Amber this is what we needed to do
instead of me fixing them.

Then I saw this!

Here are two of my boys.
This is Braden, a pic Amber
sent me of him after being at the 
ball park watching Will's son play ball
all day!

This is kid can walk from the house
to the car and start out clean, 
but by the time he gets to the car, dirt
has jumped all over him!

This is DJ. Our accident waiting to happen.
The day before he was walking and tripped
over Braden's scooter, DJ took a slide
across the asphalt on his face.

The life of boys!
HAHA I remember when I had my son and 
he was little, I told everyone I was so not
ready for a boy! Harder than dealing with a little

So how is your day going so far?


Sandee said…
I love your painted stepping stones. They are awesome. Love the flower on your shed too.

Boy will be boys. I remember spending a lot of time in the emergency room with my son as he grew up. Always hurting himself. He too could be clean on his way to the car and dirt jumping all over him before he got there.

Have a fabulous day. ♥
Brian said…
So many cute photos! I'd like an island with real sand please!
Rhodesia said…
Love the old sewing machine, your idea is a great one. Keep well Diane
Christine said…
poor DJ! Love your stepping stones!
MadSnapper said…
my life with two boys, 2 years apart started in 65 and 67 and WHOO boy do i know about boys. i lived at the ER for a few years... i am trying to think how colorful painted brick road would fit into the SONG.. ha ha
Jeanie said…
Yikes -- you tell that little guy to be careful out there!

I'd love the walkway -- so cheerful. And the sewing machine island is a terrific idea!
Ann said…
My grandmother had a sewing machine like that. I like the idea of turning it into a little island.
Love the stepping stones. They make your yard look really fun.
Sally said…
Now, that's a splendid idea for the sewing machine. I sure wish I still had my mom's; obviously someone knows where it is and they ain't telling. :)

Your boys are so cute, and I can relate with the dirt and accidents. JJ at four has to only look at dirt to get dirty. LOL

I do like your Colourful Brick Road ... and for some reason I've now got an Elton John song in my mind! LOL!

All the best Jan
Billie Jo said…
Those stepping stones are gorgeous!!!!
You are so talented. Creative too!!
I had two girls before I had my son.
He had sprained ankles and broken bones and I had never dealt with that before!!!
Have a cozy evening, and a great week ahead!
What a cute idea to use the vintage sewing machine as a mini island. I love it. I also love, love, love your painted stepping stones. They are just so cute painted like that. Boys, boys, boys.....I had one after two girls and he was not a typical boy at all....thank goodness!!
Jeanna said…
Ow, that looks like a painful one but it can make him look cool at school. Does Dakota have colorful little paws now, lol? I wouldn't kick you out of the hood, they look so bright and lively and will make fantastic stepping stones. Clever idea for a kitchen island.
Boys really are something--Gotta love em! Love the cute laundry signs and your colorful stepping stones. ♥
Darla M Sands said…
I don't know how you accomplish so much. Impressive. It's too cool even to have the windows open here today, I'm sad to say. Was supposed to meet a few local authors for a weekly get together but can't make myself leave the house. ~sigh~ Be well!
Liz A. said…
I love your colorful stepping stones. And I'm sure as the paint wears, it'll give it that lived-in look.
Red Rose Alley said…
Hello Pam,
I saw "coffee" on your post, so had to comment on this one, as I LOVE COFFEE!! That sewing machine kitchen island is a great idea. I can see you making something like that for your kitchen. Those are cool stepping stones, and the bright colors really add to them. They look good on your lawn. I bet those chickadees loved the yellow cake. I sometimes give the birds a nibble of my Starbuck's loaf haha.

Thanks for stopping by. And miss you too.

Hi Pam. Those stepping stones are really cute and the sewing machine stand can be used for so many great things in the home. I have one out in the shed that needs to find something to do. I love all the laundry signs you come up with. We painted our laundry 30 years ago when we moved in and it really needs a do-over. We are lucky to have an actual room for it so it will be fun to do..Thanks for your visit..Happy Wednesday..Judy

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