A Lazy Day

Now this is one of those laundry signs I 

Day TWO of rain....
rain is not a friend of mine, it is 
not nice to my fibro. 
And on those days it is like this

So the other day while I was taking it easy
and hanging on the deck with my babes I 
took a few pics with my Nikon.

The Chickadee's were hanging around. 
I had yellow cake left over from the wedding
cakes I made and I pulled it from the freezer
to feed to the birds....
I don't need it left around here!
The birds love it.

Also a note on the bird feeder....
made this about 10 yrs ago. It has hung outside
in the elements since. Best glue ever to use
for anything is 
Purchase at Walmart, any local craft store or
hardware store. 

Decided to take a nice walk
 around the 

Honeysuckle is starting to bloom.

Love this vine. 
It is growing up the side of my shed.

You have heard me talk about the
creek that runs along side of my driveway....
there are rock formations that make
a small waterfall. 

In my garden.

I planted some plants in my painted pot. 
Only thing I have planted so far.
Waiting to get back from Fla. till I 
work on the flowerbed. 

Now back to the birds.
That is one BIG bite for that little

This was the end of the day on Saturday.

Rains came in yesterday morning and will
be hanging with us till Wed.
Seems like we have really been having 
our share of it. 

Now for some fun to add to this 

Do you suffer from OCD?
If so, how would your OCD
allow you to handle this.

I pretty much start taking eggs out on one end,
so mine would end up like photo A.

can you find the cat?

Here is hoping you have a great day,


MadSnapper said…
The photos are totally awesome and I love all of them. I saw someone else with a cup and saucer bird feeder like this but it was sitting up not laying on its side and I think I like yours better with it laying on its side. Have not heard of that glue Bob might want some. Love that first sign and all the signs that you've been showing us I forgot to comment on that yesterday how cute the signs are
Sandee said…
Love the laundry sign. I laughed out loud.

I love bird feeder. So clever.

One the eggs I choose 'B'.

I found the kitty pretty quickly.

Have a fabulous day and week. ♥
Mine would also be box A, I have been known to move them to this position if Tom has been in the egg box. lol
I found the cat and must say I love the bird feeder. Do you mean to say that you have just stuck the mug to the plate?
Rhodesia said…
What a great post and I love the running water in your garden and fun pot.
Love the shots of the birds and no I cannot see a cat for owls :-)
Happy Monday Diane
Christine said…
Lovely spring photos, and photo A for the eggs please.
Liz A. said…
I actually bought the E6000 glue on your recommendation for some project or other. They had it at Michael's.

The eggs--I go with B. I take from either side as I go, alternating.
Sally said…
I cannot find the cat! :(

Love your bird feeder, Pam. How clever and cute. :)

I loved seeing your photographs, your painted pot is so cheerful looking.

Photo B for the eggs for me ...

All the best Jan
Ann Thompson said…
Love the birdfeeder and the pjotos of the bords enjoying it. E6000 is a great glue. I couldnt find the cat in that last one
JEN Garrett said…
Found the cat!
My son gave me a birdfeeder similar to that once - one of those projects they make in school for Mother's Day.
I don't know what glue they used, but man did it hold together!
Jeanna said…
Yes I did find the kitty and love the idea of leftover cake to feed the birds. You're going to give them a sweet tooth.
Billie Jo said…
Your bird photos are amazing!!!!
And I love that feeder.
We are expecting some rain here tomorrow too.
Hoping it will start turning all this brown to green!
Darla M Sands said…
Awesome photos! I'm with you on the eggs. I have a touch of OCD, just enough to be amusing, really. Lucky, huh? Be well!
Red Rose Alley said…
Love that laundry sign! Pam, these photos of the chickadees nibbling on the yellow cake are awesome! I always wanted a tea cup bird feeder like that. Now, I'll have to get one. The painted pot is so cute and whimsical for the garden.

Yes, I found the cat! It took awhile, but I found it! haha

I have to go with B for the eggs. I like the carton to be balanced. And I try to use eggs in even numbers as much as possible. And in typing that out it sounds like I have a problem!

I hope you get some better weather soon. We've had rain since Sunday evening and I'm pretty sick of it.

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