Laundry Signs and Cats

Couple more laundry signs.
Today will not be a sorting day, 
wash later for sure, fold~ well I sometimes
get around to it but a lot of times I live
out of the basket......IRON, the dry takes
care of that for me!

Work with a girl that loved to say this

and I always yelled out....
I am the the purple one!

When I was a young girl I had a set
of play dishes that had this pattern
on them.

Recently my mom gave me a set of
casserole dishes with this pattern.
My grandma gave them to her for
Christmas once.

I love having this stuff in my cabinets,
to pull out and know that my
granny purchased them for mom.

Granny also gave her two small
ones in this pattern.

Yes, I use them.

Was at the barn feeding the other day.
I am probably the only one that gives
these babes the love they
have learned to like.

This is my fav...

See her ear, where the tip is clipped
off. The clinic where I took her to be
fixed do this to feral cats to show
that they are fixed.

This is Princess.
She has the most beautiful eyes.
She was also the very last kitten that
learned to love being loved on.

Here the two girls are on the old
freezer where we store extra food
to keep critters out of it.

When I first started messing with them they 
were not very old and they did not like
people. Through the winter months I decided 
they would get over that.
These two don't mind me picking them
up and loving on them.
They love to be rubbed.
 Their brother, Socks, he is
not to trusting of me. He hurt
his foot a couple months ago and 
I picked him up to check it out. 
I was pressing on it when he looked
at me and hissed. At least he did not
slap out at now he stays
clear of me. 

Love these sweet girls though. I
do not plan on them becoming feral. 


MadSnapper said…
the cats are so cute.. i am glad for them they live in a barn and can roam free... my favotie sign is the simple writing, black and white, wash, fold repeat one...
Love the laundry signs. The corning wear is awesome. My dad has several pieces in his cabinet.
Sandee said…
I love your laundry signs. I linked this post to Tuesday Fun.

Barn cats are the very best. We had them when I was a kid. Very few rodents.

Have a fabulous day. ♥
Christine said… Corningware lasts forever, who doesn't have some.
Anonymous said…
Sweet cats. I love all the laundry room signs.
You are fortunate to have those dishes passed down to you. I was in an antique shop recently and the owner had a lot of Corning Ware for sale; she was polishing it with OrangeGlo cleaner - made it shine like new!
Jeanie said…
I am so glad you are acclimating the cats to humans. I wish I could adopt them both. I hate seeing outdoor cats, even in a barn, what with critters around that can hurt them but you can't take in every animal. These sweet ones deserve a home -- they're adorable.

Thanks for coming to my blog! I love your comments and always smile when I see you've been there.
Sally said…
Low and behold, Pam, I still have a few pieces of both designs on the casserole dishes. I use them also! :)

Love the laundry signs. My granddaughter hates laundry more than anyone I know of. Of course, she doesn't mind the washing, it's the folding that she despises. I've got her number now because when she calls and "invites" me over, it's to fold laundry. LOL

Sally said…
Not sure if I published my comment. LOL
I hate even thinking of cats that do not have homes. Over here in uk there are not many feral cats, we get the odd stray from time to time but generally most cats have homes. I can imagine if it were so here I would be penniless from feeding
As for laundry, I hate it and fold everything once dry to avoid any ironing.
Ann Thompson said…
I remember the play dishes that had that pattern. Love the laundry signs.
Liz A. said…
I think the laundry room signs are for people who hate laundry. I rather enjoy it.

My mother has Corning ware. I don't at the moment, but maybe I'll acquire some of my own.
Rhodesia said…
Love the laundry signs. I have a set of wine glasses that were given to my parents as a wedding present almost 80 years ago. They have travelled the world and lived in many countries with us. I also have the chiming clock that my Dad bought my Mum as a wedding present. Plenty of other memories around the house as well. Take care Diane
I'm glad the cats are warming up to you.
Brian said…
Those signs are really fun and the kitties look like sweeties. Brother Simon and Sister Seal have ear tips too. Hey, that Corning Wear is good stuff, the Dad just used some of ours a bit ago.
pilch92 said…
I love the laundry schedule, especially the ironing :) Beautiful kitties, one of mine is ear tipped.
Anonymous said…
Laundry is a big task to be completed...
Beautiful corning wear.
Cute little kitties...
Debbie said…
ooooh those signs, if you have the wall room, they would certainly be welcome. my laundry room is not a room, but a closet....not much wall space!!

i just recently gave away my corning ware, i had the vegetable pattern. my mom had the blue and white!!!

what's an IRON?!?!?!
Darla M Sands said…
I regret buying new Corningware, but I'd become tired of the old pattern and wanted a change. These new ones are losing the design! We're thinking we might switch to my large collection of Blue Willow China instead. I resisted because it's breakable but we've been using some of the bowls and had no problem. Hope you're feeling decent, my friend. I hate that you suffer so much. ~hugs~ Pretty kitties!
Love the laundry signs. I will have to send you a picture of a few I have in my laundry room. I had quite a few of the blue and white dishes but somehow they managed to get broke. I have one piece left. Cute pictures Pam. I always enjoy my visits with you. Hugs and blessings, Cindy
Love the laundry signs.
The corning wear is very nice indeed.

Enjoy the remainder of the week.

All the best Jan
Rain said…
The laundry signs are great and I laugh as well if there is ANY mention of ironing ha ha ha! Those little kitties are so cute! I hope the poor dears find a home soon :)
Sally said…
Missing you! Are you in FL? Or, not feeling well.

Rhodesia said…
I hope all is well I hate it when blogs suddenly stop and we do not know what is wrong. Please let us know if you are OK. Cheers Diane

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