All Around Post - Of Course

This morning when I got up 
to fix my coffee I looked 
at the temp thingy on the deck,
17 degrees!

I always wanted a big room like
this below with a fireplace.

I actually like this one below better.
Built ins are great.

Could crank up that fireplace and move
the chairs around more..
I would be a happy 
Stop dreaming ~ for one, I don't
have that much space.
I don't have a fireplace.
I don't even have room to put
one of those electric like 

Okay....back to reality.

HAHA...saw that this morn
on FB.

When looking for pics of mom
for the funeral home I realized
that mom hated to have her
pic made.
So wonder if that is where I 
got it from.

Found this one, love it.
My sis in law loved this
pic of mom also so I gave
it to her. I think she is going
to have a larger print made
from it.

So pretty.


One thought I had when my son
was staying with me when he
came in for the funeral was
that I would not hear my cell
phone ring with the ringer
I gave mom.
Since she loved her dogs 
I assigned her the barking
sound. Well
the other day I laid my
cell down and since I don't
carry it around the house, I 
could not find it.
I picked up mom's landline without
thinking and called my cell,
I broke down when I heard the bark.

Yesterday evening when I went
to feed the horses and was heading 
back to mom's I viewed the 
sun setting.

I am a sucker for sun rises and 

I am also a sucker for 
things. Not that I would 
take all the cool ideas
I find into my home décor but
don't mean I don't love or
think they are so
Love that folks use there
out of the box
Like this below.


Oh my gosh....there is my daughters
first trike downstairs in my
moms basement!!!
Its over 35 yrs old.

HAHA....yep, not doing that.

Hoping you all stay warm.


Darla M Sands said…
Hey, we can dream. I want to live either by a roaring river or the ocean. ~sigh~ Our temps dipped below zero. Brrr... Stay warm, my dear.
Those wonderful rooms with the fireplaces are great, we'd take either one! Oh that Polar Votex is too funny!
Christine said…
Your mom was beautiful!
wisps of words said…
Won't tell you what the temp was, when we had to go out, early this morning, for an appointment!!!!!! >,-)

Lovely pics of your mom. The first one, looks very 50's. The hair. The dress. Etc. Since I am 81, I knew the 50's well. :-)

Call the American Pickers!!! For that 35 year old tricycle!!!! They love things like that. :-)

☃ ❄ ❅ ❆ ⛄
Sandee said…
Losing your mom is a hard thing. I lost mine in 1990 and I still miss here terribly. It does get better, but it takes some time. Cry when you want. I know I do.

Have a fabulous day. Big healing hugs. Scritches to the babes. ♥
DeniseinVA said…
I am so sorry you lost your Mom Pam. Those are lovely photos of her, a real pretty lady. We need these reminders of our parents, something pops up to remind me of mine and I smile but still miss them. Your sunset photos are lovely. I enjoyed the end table, and the ironing board one, very clever. The fireplace it was hard for me to make a choice. That's an interesting illustration of the polar vortex, yikes!
Rhodesia said…
You do find some great photos. We have a nice fireplace in our lounge. It used to be an open fire but all the heat went up the chimney so we now have a wood burner inside it. Your Mum is beautiful.
Take care Diane
Jeanie said…
One day at a time, my friend. One day at a time. That phone thing... that's really, really hard.
Ann said…
I could be very comfortable in that first living room. I love it.
That's a pretty sunset.
Liz A. said…
It's the little things that get you. The unexpected things. Totally okay to lose it when they hit.

Those are some interesting home decor ideas. People can be so creative.

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