Burr in TN and All Over

Yep its cold but these are
temps we have already seen
once maybe twice this
Its the feels like that gets us.
Our feels like today is registering
in the single digits.

Tonight's low is going to be wicked.

Would love to be looking out
at this instead.
(Del Mar Beach in Calif)

Now I love snow. Love it even more
that I am retired and I don't 
need to get out in it.
However, I rather had at least
one good snow a year.
This is not it.

Our morning snow....haha
What, you don't see it?
Look close, its on the side
of the road!

But this is more like we
normally get.

(pic from FB)

But like I said, its COLD!

Now what makes all this cold
so bad is of course, no snow but also
come Sat. (this is Wed) temps will 
be in the 50's and on Sunday they
will make it to the 60's.
And I wonder why I keep dealing
with this crap in my head, why my
nose is raw.....

Saw this pic on FB also, for 
the ones that don't have fake
fur covered seats (I guess
they still make those)
or heated seats.

Just wanted to share with you~
These are cards that have come
in since mom past.
The first stack came to 
my brothers and I from
people we all know, ones
that mom knew.

This stack came from 
my friends to me.
I have amazing friends. 
The comments on FB, the 
private messages, the text, 
the calls, and these cards.
Love you all.

Just wondering~ how many of you
folks have done the DNA testing to
see where your family has come from?

My mom worked for over 20 yrs 
tracing her dads history.
She sent off for marriage, death, 
birth and military records.
She had that family back to the
1700's.  My brother has that info 
and is putting all the print outs
into a binder. 
Course my great grandma before
marrying was a Kelly, 
they came from Ireland.

My dads side is from either
Scotland or Wales. I have some
paperwork on some of that, need 
to look back on it so I get the 
correct place. 
However, next sale that they
have DNA testing I plan on 
doing it.

Should be fun.


wisps of words said…
Pardon while I giggggle, at your temps. >,-)))<---Evil Grin

I know, I know, you are a Southern gal, and those temps are awwwwwwwfullllll....

OK, I'll stop teasing. Do hope your upper resp. infection gets better sooooon! you are keeping taking your meds, aren't you!?!?

Yes, we had our DNA done. I'm, what I thought I was. Irish, Scottish, German and Austrian.

But never went any deeper. I get the urge to do so, now and then. But it never "sticks". ,-)

My husband's father used to say; "Be careful what you look up. You might find something, you didn't want to know." -big grin- This, from the finest, most upstanding man ever! So it makes one think. ,-)

✨ ❄ ✨ ❈ ✨
Darla M Sands said…
Lovely cards. And sliding down the muddy hill made me chuckle. I don't want a DNA test. Seeing advertisements in which people changed hobbies or apparel due to their ancestry annoyed me to the point I refuse. lol Nobody needs to tell me who I am. ~nods~ Enjoy, though, if you do it, of course. And feel better!
We've got our Brrrrr Humbug on too but we're no where near as bad as those on up yonder.
Kim said…
It's cold here, too and we're expecting snow later today. I'm a summer island girl through and through and even though I'm used to these brutal winters, I don't like them!! Love the socks on the seat. Hysterical!!
NanaDiana said…
If there is a contest on today, we win up here, Pam. LOL We are minus 50 degrees with wind chill factored in. All the schools are closed here today and I believe tomorrow, too. We will have a bone warming 6 (I think they said) on Saturday. lol

Love the mud slider! xo Diana
Such lovely cards you've received.

I thought the socks on the seat were hilarious.
We've had some snow in the UK of varying amounts, but alas the grand-children were disappointed … not enough snow to build a snowman!

All the best Jan
Liz A. said…
Careful with the DNA testing. Once they have it, they are under no obligation to keep it private. And the companies are mining that info and selling it to the highest bidder. Just be aware.

My father and brother both had it done. So, most of my curiosity is sated. A couple surprises in my father's. My brother's makes sense in context (meaning the differences that we know came via my mother's side).
Ann Thompson said…
LOL on the socks for the toilet seat, I really hate this cold weather. Right now our wind chill is minus 30
Christine said…
I haven't done DNA testing, good for you!
Jeanie said…
My toilet doesn't have the "break in the action" space or else I'd do that! A fun idea.

DNA testing is fun and you can connect with people I know 23+me is selling their data; not sure on the other companies. There was a big news story on that this week.
I hope you're keeping warm! I can't imagine these temperatures, we never get snow around here.

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