Friday, the day after Thursday, the day before
Saturday. Thank goodness that it is the last of
the work week for most of us.

Speaking of work week, whoever came up with
that. Work 5 days, off two? It’s such a struggle at
times to get what you have to get done in those
two days off. By the time you work in the house
cleaning, the yard work, laundry, keeping the car
clean, cooking and anything extra, you need another
day off before going back to work on Monday. Or
maybe that’s just me and my sleep apnea talking but
I don’t even have a family to cook for anymore, so I
pretty much forego that these days. Then the yard work,
I hired it done a lot last summer. Laundry,I keep up…need
those clothes to wear. But even the cleaning, I do only
what I need to just to get by these days. And to think I
had a friend that once referred to me as the “Cleaner from
Hell”. I was always cleaning something, even if it did not
need it. I sure would like to have those days back where I
felt like at least thinking about being like that again!

Okay…back to the work days and weeks. My daughter will
call me at work and ask me what I am doing! What’s with
that? I am at work, what does she think I am doing??? I
usually tell her, “ the funny thing about it is they want me
here 5 days a week, 7.5 hours a day….
and they want me to
work while I am here
, what is wrong with that picture”?
Sorry, she has heard it so much that it is not funny to her
anymore, then don’t ask!

Okay folks, it’s FINALLY FRIDAY…..I will be free again.
Have a great weekend and don’t kill yourself getting things
done before Monday!



Pam D said…
First of all, I am SO proud of you; look at how many times you've already posted in February--16! I KNEW you needed a blog... you are a born blogger! I'm with you on the cleaning... seems like a total uphill battle with a grimy little boy and a muddy-footed dog, not to mention an absent-minded husband. I wish that I had disposable covers on the floor... just pull up the dirty one and toss it, finding a clean floor underneath. And some sort of vacuum fan in all the furniture; turn it on, and the dust is just sucked away. Oh, and disposable clothes, while we're at it... wear 'em and toss 'em. Maybe my little bug-hunting inventor can get to work on that........

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