A Card

I know it is a couple of weeks past my birthday but
I wanted to share a card that I got. I meant to do it around
the day but my mind wonders around so much and I
tend to get so much going on that I forget other things!
Welcome to my life!!!

I have friend that I met a little over a year ago. We
met over the internet, on a site for Mom's. The site
was called Clubmom (CM). It recently ended but luckly a
lot of the Mom's I met have ventured over to Facebook
so we still stay in touch. Anyway on CM you posted
daily pics of kids, nature, grandkids..etc on your calendar
for all to view and comment on.

I met Nancy through my cousin, on CM. We seemed all
three of us hit it off. Nancy lives in Ohio, so to this day we have
not met face to face. We send cards, gifts, call, email, but that
meeting has not happened as of yet. Although that is to change
in May when she comes to visit.

Nancy is in to photography, like my cousin and I are. Only she
has put her photo's to a small business. She makes her photo's into
greeting cards. For my birthday, she made me my very own special
card. She is great with staging, something I am not. Kathy, my cousin,
is great photographing kids, and I do nature well. So we all three have
our strong points.

Here is my own special card, made by Nancy for me.
Thanks Nancy. Sorry Nan, not the best photo of your card.



Pam D said…
Whoa.. that is impressive! I love the shoes and rose... how fancy! My gosh, I can barely get over to someone's Facebook site to say Happy Birthday, much less stage a picture, put in text, have it printed and then make a card! Hey.. just know that IF I did something like that, I would do it for you! does that count? ahhh, I didn't think so....
Anonymous said…
(smile)...so glad you enjoyed your card Pam.. I made it just for you special lady! Happy Birthday ...wishing you the best year yet.. You've become a treasured friend and I'm soo happy we met oh it seems like just yesterday ~ w ~ May will be here before we realize it... I'm looking forward to it..the laughes and the special times we will share exploring your TN. See you then. Hugs .. Nancy M.; Ohio

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