Granny's Front Porch

The title of this year's fund raiser for "Kid's of the Block".

I started to work on it yesterday afternoon and all went
so well that I finished it up last night. It was not a hard
or time consumming painting but I think it turned out
really nice.

I have to have the painting turned in by March 30th. The actual
fund raiser will be April 30th.

Enjoy my latest painting, leave a comment and let
me know what you think.

Thanks again for stopping in..



Pam D said…
I love this! My granny's front porch had a metal glider and 2 rocking chairs; I can still see it in my mind. I love the pics from the last post, too... and it's so cool that you can raise so much money using your talent. I'm not jealous.. no, not in the least little bit. (Just for safety's sake, you better stay at least 10 feet away from me, cause there's a lightening strike comin' soon....)
Anonymous said…
Had to laugh at Pam D's post... Having an artistic means of expression and/or outlet, if you will, was always a wish of mine. Not happening.. I can't even sketch good (smile).. but I'm glad you are sharing your talent with such a wonderful cause. I think we all remember those metal chairs and our 'Granny's '.. memories to treasure.. Love the contrast in the painiting..wonderful submission. Enjoy yr day. Nancy M.; Ohio

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