Meet my Grandson, Caleb

Eight years ago I was so blessed to have a sweet
loving little man come into my life by the name
of Caleb Tyler.

Caleb has the most beautiful crystal blue eyes that
seem to light up the room when he smiles. He is almost
as tall as his Nana and he is and always has been a
Nana’s boy. When picking a name, Tyler Lee was being
tossed around and my daughter told me she really did
not care for that to much. So I suggested Caleb Tyler. She
liked that well enough that’s the name the little one was given.
I was blessed to be asked to be a part of that delivery and
be there and hold him when he was just a few minutes old.
Before the birth Amber kept asking me what the baby was
Going to call me and being just a tad over 40 years old when
I was told I was going to be a Grandmother, I kept telling her,
"the kid could call me Pam". I never meant it but it was oh so
much fun messing with my daughter! But when they handed
that child to me, my first words were “come to Grandma”.

Caleb did not get to come home with Amber which was so
hard on her, he was having a hard time keeping his body
temp up. But within a couple of days, he was home. And
he got to stay the night with his Nana when he was just a
week old.

Now…what would he call me? On his own he started calling
me Nana. I think he took the word No No and made Nana…
and so there my name was born.

Caleb and his Mom moved in with me when Caleb was a
week away from turning a year old. He lived with me until
he was a couple months past his 6th birthday. He became
his Nana’s shadow. Whatever I did, he did. I cooked, he
cooked, I striped wallpaper, he did to, I scrubbed the bathroom,
he helped. Somewhere I think there must be a law against
a 3 year old knowing how to scrub a toilet so well! I taught
him to make his bed, vacuum the floors, mop….he is well
rounded and even though having them live with me so long
took a tow on me, I loved teaching him and being with him.

Caleb is a bright child. Before the age of 4 he knew 32 state
Capitals. We worked daily with all of that. Now, in the 2nd
grade he is reading at a level 32 and that is the level a 3rd
grader should be at at the end of 3rd grade. He is an A and B
student and his Nana is so proud of him. He is a whiz on
the computer, the cell phone or the remotes for tvs (things
I don’t even know). He listens, he learns and he adsorbs.

Caleb is still a Nana’s boy and probably always will be.
But now he has a little brother who is just barely 3 months old.
Next post will be about DJ.



Pam D said…
That was so sweet!!! Good gravy, girl, we HAVE to get together when I come to Nashville! And Caleb has to be with you, cause he and Adam could be just the best buddies. I pretty much teared up when you wrote "come to Grandma".. wow! Of course, as you were holding your little grandbaby, I was holding my OWN baby.. so weird! I'll let you know when I'm in town so we can get together!

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