For those whom I have not shared this news with, I will
be a featured artist, along with one other one, at an
art gallery! I am so excited to be having a show for my paintings.

I have been going through my work to decide what to hang at
the opening, what I need to touch up, or frame...or what to
paint to take along.

About a year ago I bought a new wooden cabinet door for the
purpose of painting a picture on it. Up until the other day I
had not decided as to what I would paint on it.....then Saturday
evening I was tossing a few things around and settled on a wooden
birdhouse on a wooden pole with a climbing rose bushe going
up and around the pole. I worked on it for a couple of hours
Saturday night and between working outside and around the
house Sunday...I finished it. I am so proud of the way this one
turned out. Let me know what you think by leaving a comment.
So with that said...take a look....................

Thanks for stopping by.



Anonymous said…
Morning Pam,

I just have to say I've waited soo long to hear this kind of news from you... Congratulations my friend...that is such wonderful news. Being a featured Artist at that Art Gallery can't come soon enough...your paintings are so beautiful and you're very talented.. I just love the way your wooden cabinet door turned out.. Again, all the best! You deserve it!!! Nancy M.; Ohio
Anonymous said…
I LIKE IT! I am so glad you are getting to show yourpaintings I knew you would eventually!
Anonymous said…
absolutly love it - you really do such nice work. congrats on the show - you deserve it.
Anonymous said…
Wonderful! Look forward to seeing more of your work, TJ

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