Another Dakota Story

This little dog is so set in his ways, so spoiled and
such a baby when it comes to certain things.
He had been living with me for a little over 1.5 yrs., and
had developed his own PLACE in the car. He loved sitting
in Caleb's booster set. When Caleb was not in the car, that
is where Dakota set. I would lower the window just enough for
him to hand in head out and this dog was in heaven.

One day as I cleaned the car, I removed the booster set,
took it apart to wash the cover. Later as I headed to my Mom's,
without the seat, windows down......I lost my dog. I had the
radio up, on the phone and I was not sure where I lost him.
The one thing I was sure of was that he was in the Hermitage
Hills area. I remember him popping in between the seats as
I turned up Bonnafield.
After an hour of searching, crying and so afraid for him...
I found him. He had walked, crawled, or hopped to a side
street and was sitting under a tree...waiting. I got out and
called for him and he hopped over to me, acting so ticked
off. I think he was mad cause I took so long to find him.
He was in pain so Mom and I headed to the animal clinic,
after hours of course.

Dakota had a broken leg. Not just broken but it was broke
in such a way that he required surgery, a plate and a pin
put in his leg.

I am sure he did not jump from the car. I think what
happened was without the booster seat to stand up
on, he must have tried to stand on the door handle to
get a bit further out the window, just at that point I
went around a curve. I think that is when he fell out.
It was a miracle that I did not run over him.

He is fine now. Surgery went well, he was jumping,
like a terrier does within a week (against drs. orders).
He limps from time to time in cold weather.

Here is a pic of a dog on drugs!!!! He was a mess after




Pam D said…
Oh my gosh... you lost him near my mom's house! Poor baby dog; he looks pitiful. I fell out of a car in kind of the same way when I was 3 or 4. Didn't break my leg, but that may explain the way my brain works now. *sigh* I'm glad you found him and that it all ended up OK.
Anonymous said…
OMG I just had to laugh when I read Pam D's brain must be off as well... I fell out of a car my father was driving at around the same age...except with me...I must have pushed on the handle by accident and the door swung open...I fell out as well when he turned the corner...luckly, he was going slow! Poor Dakota...he does look sad in those glad he's better now and keeping you busy lol! I know you sooo enjoy those wet kisses he's always giving you when I call..Don't you feel special lol! Nancy M.; Ohio

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