Morning to all,

Just to let you all know, that the profile pic is not
of me! It is of my dog, Dakota.
My having Dakota is an interesting story. I did not
get him because I wanted him, or because I wanted
a dog....I got him because he was being handed off to
me. My daughter thought that my grandson, Caleb,
needed a dog. They got Dakota as a puppy and in
less then 6 months they moved to a home where they
were not allowed pets. So, the question was, "Mom,
can you keep him until we find him a home"? I knew
right then and there it was me that was going to have to
find him a home. But, even though I would not admit
it to myself for a long time, this dog grew on me and
wormed his way into my heart. When I started to look
for a home for him, I was to picky. So 5 months after
he came to live with me, I finally excepted that he was
mine and he was not going anywhere. He is to spoiled for
anyone else to have him now.
I thought my days of dropping off "KIDS" at daycare
was long over then here comes the DOG. Yes, he goes
to daycare, my Mother's house, Granny's Doggie Daycare.
Mom has 4 dogs and he goes there and plays Monday thru
Friday. SPOILED. He loves going but in the evenings when
it is time to pick him up, he is ready to go. On the weekends
he acts so lost.
Did I want a dog...no. Would I give him up now...no. Would
I do it again...no. But I love the little mutt.


Pam D said…
YES... you got the comment section fixed! hoooray... now, there are other things to add, but we'll take it one step at a time! I'm so glad you created a blog... you were made for blogging! I love this post.. and look forward to many more to come....
Anonymous said…
No.. on the profile pic huh? lol.. You might not have banked on ending up with Dakota but you love your four legged friend; he's family now! Dakota sure keeps you in tales to tell however and knowing you they are something else! Looking forward to hearing more of his escapades. The two of you are a 'stitch'! Nancy M.; Ohio

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