Backwards- tock tick

A few weeks back I was standing in my office when
one of my bosses came in and handed me a clock. In
a split second I wondered what that was all about, esp.
when he asked did I want it. I could not help but get
really tickled when I looked at it and told him I would
love to have it.

You see this clock was a backwards clock. Not only does
the hand’s run backwards but the numbers are not where
they need to be either. Where the 11 should be is the 1, and
where the 1 should be is the 11, and so on. I had seen these
before and thought they were just the neatest things.
Of course while laughing I asked my boss “why are you giving this to me, because I am backwards or just different’….at that point he turned a bit red, threw his hands in the air and said “I don’t know why I am giving it to you”, then he told me he
just thought I was the perfect person to have it. This is the
same boss that asked the important question “could that be
the reason you are not married anymore’! I laughed that
much harder and told him “lets go with different”!

The clock is on my wall above my shelf, right above my desk.
At first it was a bit hard to get use to. Even now, I have to look
at the little clock I have sitting to the side of it to be sure I have
the time correct. Of course, it’s fun to mess with someone’s mind
when they come in and want to know the time. They have no clue
if they are standing at the door that I am looking at the little clock!

In my office, you ask the time of day, there is no telling what you
will get, backwards, different, or anything else!

Happy Ticking….


Pam D said…
That just freaks me out... totally! It looks like you're looking in a mirror. I have enough trouble keeping things straight without deliberately TRYING to confuse myself! But hey... if you march to the beat of a different drummer, then you just might also need a different clock to tell time! Very cool, my friend.. very cool!

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