Where did I leave the truck

Years ago I use to ride the Metro bus to town everyday to
work. I did this to save on gas, wear and tear on the truck,
cost of parking and I could rest, read, talk and visit on the

On the back of the bus we had our own little group of people.
We visited everyday to and from work, shared our lifes and
our families. I use to catch the bus home right in front of
the bldg. I worked in down town. Walk right out the bldg.,
cross the street and would get right on the 4:25 bus home.

One day while sitting in the back of the bus with some
friends, talking and running my mouth like normal...heading
home...it hit me! I jumped up out of my seat, shouted "OH
CRAP" (actually I think I used another word that relates to the
same thing), started pulling on the bell wire to stop the bus. Everyone
was looking at me, "What's wrong Pam", "What's the matter"...
I had to look them in the face, without laughing (or crying as
it should have been), I said " I drove today"!

Yep, I drove. Parked about 10 blocks away, up the hill in the
parking garage. So I got off the bus (luckly it was just leaving
town) at Riverfront Park, and walked back up, past 5th
and Charlotte, to the parking garage where my truck awaited

Okay...so this would not be the first time I had pulled something
like this. I was famous for chasing the bus in the morning, so you
never knew where I would catch it, or where I would be parked.
I had been known to park in Donelson and take the bus all the
way to Hermitage, just to get off where I should have parked
and not find my truck or car. Someone would always take me
back or I would have to call my Mom and have her take me back.

Overload mostly, unorganized a bit also...who knows. Luck would
have it that I park right in front of my bldg. now! Easy to find my


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