My Grandson DJ

Dustin Jr. AKA DJ, AKA Peanut (Nana calls him this)

This is my youngest Grandson. He is just barely .
over 3 months old. Once again I was honored to
be asked to be a part of his delivery like I was his
brothers, Caleb. I was there when both of them
came into this world. And once again, I was holding this one within minutes of being born.

Caleb was a shoulder dystocia baby, just like his
Mom was. So with that being an issue the doctors
felt that Amber needed a C-section with DJ. I was
told the same thing with my second one but since

he was smaller then Amber I was able to deliver with
ease. Since DJ decided to come into this world almost
3 weeks early, we hoped that would make a difference
in the weight and allow Amber to deliver. She did not
want to have a C-section and dreaded it the whole time
she was pregnant. With luck we were able to convince
the doctor (I don’t think he was happy with Amber’s
choice) but he went along with it and all went well.
DJ weight just barely 6 lbs. but he was healthy.
DJ and Mom were just fine.

Although DJ decided to come early when it came
right down to it….he took his time. After two false
trips to the hospital before, Amber went in leaking
water from a tear at around 6:30 one evening. DJ,
like I said, took his time and decide to come at
around 6:30 the next evening. Amber was worn out!

There was one problem, DJ was born with a club foot.
Only one which is lucky because I have heard so
many stories of babies being born with both feet
that way. The doctors were right on it and he was
put in a cast at 11 days old. They were saying that
he would wear it about 4 months, then he would
have to have surgery and wear a brace for the
next couple of years. Little boy is strong, he was
out of the cast in around 2 months, no surgery.
He wears a brace 23 hours a day and when it
comes time that he pulls up to learn to walk, he
will only have to wear it at night.

The doctor is so please with how well he is doing.
He had some issues with the milk and tummy problems.
He was put on soy milk but seems to adjusted well to that.
He has no problems eating! He is a little piglet.

Caleb loves his little brother. At first he would
not hold him, I think DJ being so small scared
him a bit. Then when DJ was about a week old,
he held him. When Caleb speaks DJ’s eyes will
locate him and follow him around.

He is now at the age where when you talk to him
it looks like he is trying to form his mouth to
speak the words you do. He laughs out loud and
smiles so much more these days.

Thank you for stopping in and meeting my
Grandson’s. Come back again soon.


Pam D said…
You are so stinkin' lucky, girlfriend! Really.. Caleb is adorable and loves you to pieces, and now you have this little bundle of snuggly love. NOT fair! YOU got a baby to snuggle, and I got a leopard gecko... what's up with that? *sigh* You better let me meet him when I come visit, is all I got to say!
Anonymous said…
My 1st granson Cole was also born with 1 clubfoot. He was casted at 1day old and has had 3 surgeries in his 5 yrs. How lucky for your lil peanut to be out of his cast that quick. Hopefully all will turn out well. Cole learned to walk on his cast and did fine - actually running in it at times. I think he was seeing how quick grama was on her feet - I was always afraid he was gonna fall. But all in all it is amazing what they can do now adays. Have a good nite and enjoy those grandkids.
xoxxo - Debi

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